If You Want to be Productive on the Internet, Ask Yourself This 1 Question

On the Internet, all we do is consume.

If you went on Twitter today, you’ve consumed.

If you checked Facebook, you’ve consumed.

If you watched Netflix, you’ve consumed.

All three are, for the most part, an incredible waste of time.

But not all consumption is bad.

If you watched a TED talk today, you’ve consumed.

If you listened to an entrepreneurship podcast, you’ve consumed.

If you looked up a new recipe, you’ve consumed.

The problem is, most of us don’t realize that what we consume on the Internet is a choice.

We use the Internet to laugh, instead of to learn.

We see it as the ultimate entertainer, instead of an all-knowing teacher. We get stuck in an unbreakable cycle of consuming information passively, instead of using the Internet actively as the multi-tool it was meant to be.

We need to break the cycle.

We all fall victim to senseless consumption — it’s nearly impossible not to. At the end of the day, using the Internet for entertainment requires nothing more than the up-and-down swipe of your thumb. It’s passive, easy and frankly more enjoyable. We love entertainment, and the Internet always delivers.

It’s time we start using the Internet (and technology in general, for that matter) to help us reach our best potential.

You already know this, but anything you could possibly want to learn can be learned on the Internet.

What’s stopping you from taking advantage of that?

The Internet was made for you to learn. So, go learn.

If you want to be productive on the Internet, then next time you log on, you need to ask yourself this one question:
Am I actively learning something new, or passively consuming for entertainment?

If you’re answer is “no” to the former, and “yes” to the latter, log off.

Thanks for reading :)

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