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Key Takeaways from DreamForce 2018

Dreamforce 2018

The Salesforce yearly extravaganza just wrapped up, leaving all those in attendance with plenty of new CRM insights and clues about the direction Salesforce is heading towards. Salesforce unveiled a lot of new updates and features aimed at improving the Salesforce customer experience. A lot of the talking points from this year’s addition were overshadowed by the headlining news of Salesforce and Apple partnership. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled everything you need to know for those of you who weren’t in San Francisco over the last week. Let’s dig in!

Salesforce + Apple

Let’s get this one out of the way first. Unless you’re stuck in a cave, by now you probably know that Salesforce and Apple are partnering up. There’s a whole list of opportunities this could present but most of it is still under wraps for now. What we do now is that Siri and Einstein will be combined in a way to bring out the most out of both of them. Marc Benioff also highlighted how the integration of the Salesforce Cloud platforms with each other is the target to achieve. You can check out the link above for a comprehensive breakout of the partnership.

The Integration Cloud

Salesforce finally unveiled its Integration Cloud at Dreamforce. The Integration Cloud finds its roots in the acquisition of MuleSoft by Salesforce. The Integration Cloud is the just the beginning of things according to Marc Benioff. Salesforce intends to build upon the Integration Cloud with its Customer 360 initiative. The Customer 360 is an attempt by Salesforce to offer its user a detailed and in-depth look at customers. Customer 360 will integrate all Salesforce Cloud platforms to deliver immense cross channel experiences, this will then be taken up by MuleSoft to connect data to various other platforms in an enterprise. The Integration Cloud is expected to play a pivotal role for organizations looking to upgrade from legacy systems.

Einstein Gets a Voice!

Siri wasn’t the last of Salesforce Einstein updates at Dreamforce ’18. Since its introduction two years ago, Einstein has been one of the platforms with the maximum updates. This year, it gets natural language capabilities. This functionality allows users to direct their CRMs with their voice and initiate tasks i.e. notes dictation and chatbot creation etc. Voice control commands is a breakthrough in CRM features that will allow users to increase productivity by delegating most of their tasks.


Dreampitch was back again this year giving startups a chance to get their hands on a grant of $250,000. Numerous startups locked horns in front of a panel of judges and will.i.am with each getting 5 minutes to convince the panel why they were the most deserving. Dreampitch has managed to make a place for itself as one of Dreamforce highlights, and it’s safe to say it lived up to that yet again!

Salesforce + Lamborghini

Salesforce followed up the Apple announcement with a collaboration with Lamborghini. This partnership will provide Lamborghini owners with an amazing digital experience through Salesforce. Earlier this year, Lamborghini unveiled its exclusive mobile app for all its customers to interact with their Lamborghini cars. The app was built on Salesforce Lightning and integrated with the Salesforce Community Cloud. At Dreamforce, Salesforce announced that the Marketing Cloud will serve as the follow-up integration, aimed towards providing a more unified customer experience for all Lamborghini owners.


Alright, so this isn’t technically a takeaway from Dreamforce but come on! We had to talk about Metallica! For years Dreamforce has managed to bring the best of the best for their entertainment events, and this year was no different. Metallica rocked the city of San Francisco leaving all those in attendance raving to the tunes that have made rock so popular. The proceeds from the concert were donated to charity, as it the custom since the start.

Our Two Bits!

This was another outing for Salesforce that put them on the top for all things CRM. With numerous new partnerships and acquisitions, Salesforce looks to be right on track towards more expansion. The commitment and detail with respect to its products continue to set the benchmark, and judging by what we saw at Dreamforce 2018, the future is lightning bright!

Rolustech is Certified Salesforce Partner and Consultant. We have helped numerous firms with Salesforce integrations and customizations. You can contact us to learn more about the Salesforce platform and how it can help your business.

Originally published at www.rolustech.com on October 1, 2018.



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