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Leveraging Partnerships to Gain Customer Trust with Willful CMO, Luke Sheehan

Digital marketing strategies to gain customer trust and how to effectively leverage partnership opportunities

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End-of-life planning is something often put off. After all, nobody actually enjoys thinking about what happens to their personal belongings once they are gone. But the truth is, you have to consider your options at some point. That’s one of the things that makes Luke Sheehan’s position as the CMO at Willful tricky, a Canadian company that guides users through making their legal will online.

“What we really try to do [at Willful] is understand the life stages behind when people are most likely to need something like a will in their life,” Sheehan said. “What we then do is try and understand what the consumers are going through in their mind as they make their decisions.”

But the reality is end-of-life estate planning is a difficult process and understanding the customer acquisition journey is different for each person. That’s why Sheehan and Willful have focused heavily in the last year on partnerships with companies such as All-State, in order to not only build brand awareness, but also build trust with its customers.

“If we can align ourselves and put our brand name in the same conversation with somebody like All-State, it really changes the game in terms of how consumers see you and how trustworthy they see us,” Sheehan said.

On a recent episode of Marketing Trends, Sheehan dives into some of the challenges that Willful faces marketing an online end-of-life planning services. Among the areas that Sheehan discussed are how Willful uses marketing tools such as partnerships, to help ease the minds of consumers when it comes to gaining trust. Sheehan also explains how a good public relations strategy can feed into effective marketing, and why it’s important to understand who your key stakeholders are in order to leverage their influence.

To hear more about Willful, make sure you check out the full episode of Marketing Trends!

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