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LivePerson CMO Amber Armstrong on Building a Robust ABM Strategy to Target the Right Clients to Make the Biggest Impact

Why conversational intelligence is making it possible to snap the conversation bottleneck between consumer and brand

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What are your three words? It’s a question Amber Armstrong, CMO of LivePerson, loves to ask her team members. Those three words can be anything — they can be a personal mantra, a list of questions, or even a grocery list. But regardless what your three words are, the key is to make them count, make them relatable, but, most importantly, to let those three words be the driving force of your end goal.

“When I was getting to know my team, I asked everyone for their three words,” Armstrong said. “It all originates back to my time at IBM, and working for Ginni Rometty, who was our CEO. And it was a well-known fact that when you talk to Jenny, you gave her three things and that’s it. And when she talks, she gives three things and that’s it. And it’s a number that you can remember, and when you can remember things they can become meaningful. They can really have a deeper association. If I told you my 10 words, you wouldn’t believe half of them.”

Honing in on those three words is important to Armstrong, as she embarks on a new journey as CMO, a position she has held at the company since March of 2021. For Armstrong, her three words are focused, passionate, and kind, three pillars that she hopes to build a strong ABM strategy off of.

“Account-Based marketing, I’m incredibly passionate about,” Armstrong said. “One of the reasons that I’m passionate about it is because it drives alignment between sales and marketing. An example right now on account based marketing that we have done is some of the most rigorous, interesting scientific predictions around which accounts we’re most likely to win using our data, applying machine learning, and really hardcore science stuff. That’s really exciting. We then said, sales team, let’s really talk about the priorities you have for the geographies you want to reach, and give us the accounts you think that we should be really focused on.”

On a recent episode of Marketing Trends, Armstrong explained how LivePerson is rewriting the book on how to use ABM to target not just the right clients, but the ones they can make the biggest impact. She also detailed how her personal journey to the role of CMO — including an abroad trip to Hong Kong, and a 15-year career at IBM — shaped how she plans to push LivePerson forward.

To hear more from Armstong and LivePerson, check out the full episode of Marketing Trends!

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