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Living in the Right Niche

How Principle Faucets bet big on a very niche part of the market in order to hyper-target the right customers

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With any new product, building brand awareness is key. But when your new product is something the world has never seen before, well, you need to do more than just make people aware, you have to educate them, too. As a DTC company, you might have a direct line to your consumers, but you still need to be able to show and teach them as much as possible, and then be there around the clock to answer their questions and hold their hand through the process.

It sounds like a lot of work, but when the product is doing the things Principle Faucets does, it’s worth it. At least that’s what co-founder Matt Wall thinks. Principle Faucets are designed with a foot pedal, which helps to conserve water at incredible rates.

“We’d done some water savings tests when we were initially going through some of the product developments,” Wall said. “We did eight homes here in Central California, and some of the homes were multi-generational, they had grandchildren, parents, or grandparents, and some were single individuals. I mean the whole gamut of apartments, condos, houses, and we found that the water savings compared to an existing faucet was up to 44%. And when we dove into the data a little deeper, we found that the homes with the highest water savings were the ones that were the biggest water wasters prior. So it really helps the people that ended up using more water save the most, which is really a great sign for the impact that the product might have in the future as we get into more and more homes.”

With an idea of how much the faucets could help, Wall and his co-founders went all-in on developing the product further and getting as much feedback as possible. The two of them knew that the world would benefit from their new foot-pedal faucet, but they wanted to make sure that there was actually a consumer desire as well.

“We’re a brand that nobody’s ever heard of before and we’re selling a product that no one’s ever seen before,” Wall said. “And we found out really in early development when we sat down and just pitched the idea to people, to see if there was going to be a market for this thing. And if somebody had done it beforehand, where did they fail? Where did they succeed? It was really interesting to see how people connected with concepts.”

People loved it, and they wanted to know wny no one had done this before. But even though there was an interest, Principle still needed to get the word out far and wide if the company was going to be a long-term success. To do that, Wall and the team didn’t need to reach every single person who needed a new faucet, they had to focus on a very specific subset of customers.

“When people are searching for us, we don’t want them to search for ‘faucet’ and have our product come up every single time,” Wall said. “We have really had to narrow in on our keywords and the short keywords and multi phrase keywords and long tail keywords to get people who really want to search for a foot pedal faucet, or are looking for water conservation foot pedal faucets, or those different iterations so that we are able to show up.”

How has it turned out for Principle And what kind of new products is the company working on next? Tune into Up Next in Commerce to find out.

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