Make Somebody Nervous Before You Die

You won’t find many concepts that are very useful or important if you insist on having a worldview that’s void of controversy, invulnerable to criticism, and incapable of making others feel confused.

Interesting ideas are a reward for not being afraid to have unconventional beliefs.

You can’t grow if you’re never willing to turn your back on the status quo. You can’t expand if you’re never willing to take an unorthodox stand. You can’t have a beautiful mind if you’re never willing to leave the crowd behind.

It’s easier to fear rejection than it is to open our minds to something new, but doing what’s easy doesn’t always equal doing what’s authentic, enriching, and meaningful.

If all of your convictions can be expressed in a sound bite on mainstream television without provoking the slightest bit of anger or annoyance in anyone whatsoever, I think it’s safe to say that your outlook on life offers you very few opportunities for the remarkable.

If you want to create unique experiences, you’ll need a philosophy that contains unique elements. If you want to participate in the extraordinary, you’ll need to challenge yourself to go beyond ordinary ways of thinking.

Entertain the unconventional as if your life depends on it. The next time you feel inclined to look at things from a different point of view, seize the opportunity. Before you die, give yourself permission to be someone who’s compelling enough to make at least one person on the planet nervous.

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T.K. Coleman is an avid lover of ideas and blogs regularly on personal development, education, and philosophy at and the Praxis blog.