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Making Speed A Top Priority With Lee Hnetinka of FastAF

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“We think a lot about how do we enable and empower these direct to consumer brands in a way that has never been done before.”

Lee Hnetinka believed in the idea of having products delivered to customers in minutes, so he built the company and the platform to make it happen. That company is FastAF and since launching, Lee has been able to get some major brands onto the marketplace that offers one of the biggest differentiators in the game: speed. How? Find out on Up Next in Commerce.

What Are The Secrets to Customer Acquisition?

While FastAF has been able to succeed with customer acquisition in large part because of the scale at with the company operates, Hnetinka says that brands can still make inroads on their own using a simple strategy. According to Hnetinka, the best way to acquire a customer is to delight them. You have to provide an experience, a product, or a service that they want, but you have to do it in a new or uniquely delightful way. One strategy Hnetinka is a fan of is sampling. Fewer brands are offering free samples, therefore, by doing so you will stand out.

“If you delight customers in a way that they were previously unable to be delighted, you’re going to find a lot of untapped magic and success there.”

The Differentiator The No One Put Stock In?

There are trends, technologies, and consumer behaviors that brands are always looking for, but the one thing that Hnetinka says most of them missed was the importance of speed. Along with simplicity, customers want speed when they are shopping, and too many brands didn’t put enough weight into how speed can shape your entire strategy.

“I don’t think enough people thought that speed was going to be a differentiator. So if you got speed, you’ve got selection, and then you’ve got price. Most people think about that in the inverse way. They think what’s the lowest cost I can get you something? What can I get you? And then I’ll just get it to you. We think about the opposite. We’re like how fast can I get it to you? What can we get you that no one else has and we think you’re gonna be willing to pay for that.”

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