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Nostalgia, Emotions, and Why We Remember What We Remember

The Best, 2/15/18

A Deep Dive Into the Intersection of Science, Emotion, and Memory

The advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the very first time. -Friedrich Nietzsche

Memory is funny, isn’t it?


Article: Why Do We Remember Certain Things, But Forget Others?

“Emotion acts like a highlighter pen that emphasizes certain aspects of experiences to make them more memorable.”

“…much of learning takes place in the form of emotional learning. To make our memory stronger, it helps to attach emotional significance to objects and actions we experience.”

“Fundamentally, memory represents a change in who we are. Our habits, our ideologies, our hopes and fears are all influenced by what we remember of our past.”

Website: The Memory Institute — How to Unlock Your Amazing Memory, Gain Confidence, and Achieve Success!

‘Member! ‘Member!


Short Video: Why do we feel nostalgia?


Listen: Radio Lab Podcast — Memory and Forgetting


11 Unforgettable Games to Improve Your Memory — Our favorite from the list is Sudoku! :D


Like how you must continuously work a muscle for it to get stronger, memories only become stronger the more that they are reflected on.



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