PR Companies, How NOT to treat influencers

  1. Don’t add me to your mailing list without my consent

As an influencer, you would not believe the number of companies that just go to my website, look up my email and add me to their mailing list. First off, that’s illegal you can’t add somebody to your mailing without their consent. Second, you are delusional if you think adding me to your lame automated emails that the blah, blah, blah, collection has launched with a few pictures is going to make me wake up in the morning and suddenly be inspired to cover it.

2. Send me a form email

I get emails all the time that look like this…

I wanted to introduce you to the Florals and Bunnies collection from Jeffery Lancelot. This collection was inspired by his time in Florence and is launching for Spring 2017. I thought it might of interest for you to write about on your blog and I have attached some images for that purpose. Thanks!
*names are made up

What drives me crazy about this…

I have a name, it’s on my website, if you are going to send me an email and ask me to do something for the least you can do is say, Dear Catherine. Is this email really supposed to inspire me to give you free press? If you want something, you have to make a little effort, build a relationship, tell me why I should be interested, why someone should care, I am an actual person, not a robot.

3. Straight up just ask me to do something for you

Hey, I have a new website launching today. Can you post about it?

You wouldn’t believe a number of people who just message me things like this and I have never heard from them in my life and they don’t even bother to use my name in their ask. Would ever walk up to me at a party and talk to me like that? No, because it’s rude.

Bottom line — It seems silly to say but influencers are people too! Remember that! I think sometimes when you have an internet persona people don’t think it’s all real and some for reason treat you like a robot that just pumps out content all day long and that’s not right. Behind every influencer is a real person who is passionate about what they are doing.

If you want something from an influencer, my advice is to treat it like networking for any business relationship. Reach out, say hi, find a common ground and go from there and great things will happen. Also, bonus tip don’t even use a PR company. Honestly, I much prefer to hear from passionate people who work at the company than a PR company that is just going through the motions.

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