Pursue Your Ultimate Potential, Anything Less is Not Worthy of Your Time

Thomas Oppong
Jan 24, 2017 · 5 min read

Every human brain has a built-in capacity to become, over time, what we demand of it. No ability is fixed. Don’t put an intellectual limitation on yourself. Whatever you want in life, you can become if you want it bad enough. Once you have a WHY, you will find a HOW!

Words of inspiration from Mozart to help you pursue your life’s work even if you think you are not talented enough:

“People make a great mistake who think that my art has come easily to me,” Mozart himself once wrote to his father, as if to make this precise point. “Nobody has devoted so much time and thought to composition as I.”

Every life is special. You matter. Your dreams matter. But it’s ultimately up to you to take action in the direction of your dreams, and when you do, you’ll be met halfway — I promise. You won’t be alone. Thousands, if not millions of people have been on that same journey before. There is so much you can learn from everyone else who either succeeded or failed.

Life’s work or meaningful project is different for everyone. For some it’s passive income. For others it’s intrapreneurship. For some it’s working 1:1 with clients. And for some, it’s being able to work from anywhere. In the end, it’s what freedom feels and looks like to each one of us.

Find your motivation

The single greatest lesson from past great achievers is not how easily things came to them, but how resilient and coimmited they were to their chosen art or work.

You have to want it, want it so bad you will never give up, so bad that you are ready to sacrifice time, money, sleep, friendships, even your reputation (people may — probably will — come to think of you as odd). You will have to adopt a particular lifestyle of ambition, not just for a few weeks or months but for years and years and years.

You have to want it so bad that you are not only ready to fail, but you actually want to experience failure: revel in it, learn from it. You cannot know the results your hard work in advance. But the importance of consistency cannot be stressed enough.

Uncommon achievement requires an uncommon level of personal motivation and a massive amount of gut and faith in yourself.

Embrace the culture of ambition

In following your inclinations and moving toward your ultimate potential, you make a great contribution to society by sharing with the rest of us. You enrich the world with your discoveries and insights. You become a contributor instead of a consumer. You inspire others to also take action.

If you have chosen to read, watch, consume, travel, explore and learn — then share as you grow so others may benefit from your skill.

Bless the world with meaningful and unique solutions that solve problems, limitations and frustrations. You are capable of satisfying wants, needs, hopes, dreams and desires.

You have every chance of fulfilling someone’s dream if you can be bold enough to show up and share yourself. Start chasing something bigger than yourself. What really matters is that you create something you are proud of that becomes a powerful addition to your body of work.

Dare greatly, fall down and get back up

Most of us go through life doing what we’re supposed to do, what society or family expects of us instead of what we want, subjugating our own dreams and desires to our perceived social obligations.

When you have to make a decision, don’t start by asking yourself what you’re supposed to do. Instead, first ask yourself what you want to do. What makes you come alive.

Then, ask yourself if there’s any compelling reason why you shouldn’t do that. If there aren’t, go ahead and do what you want. If there is, and it’s within your control, do something about it.

Civilisation has too many rules for you, so do your best to rewrite them! Deciding to live life on your own terms. As Steve Jobs once said:

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

The obstacle has always been the way

When you bet on yourself and choose to pursue your life’s work, dont take failure personally. Most people abandon their efforts too early in the face of challenges.

There is so much focus on quick and easy life hacks that we forget that true, deep, authentic, meaningful, and lasting work comes from deliberate consistent practice. Purposeful practice over time gets you closer each day to the success you crave. If you are not making progress as you expect, try changing up your pattern. There is not single path to meaningful work. It matters that you don’t stop.

Anyone going through a significant discovery stage in life will face enormous set backs. But remember, a setback is a set up for a come back.

Instead of giving up, find a new way to approach a scary task. Break it into tiny little bits. Work from a totally different location. Ask someone to talk you through an idea so you gain a new perspective and get out of your own head. Go for a walk.

Draw a picture of the solution, instead of trying to write about it. Change how you work. Sometimes you get so engrossed in your own passion project that you lose sight of the solution you seek which may be hidden in plain sight.

If you don’t feel joy in the goals you have set for yourself, try changing your goals, but whatever happens keep moving in the direction of your dreams!

Sometimes, the path towards originality isn’t pursued because its origins are so humble. Take any start or foothold you can get. Embrace humble beginnings and do the work that others don’t want to do.

To truly excel, you must first create for the most important audience of all: yourself.

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A network of business & tech podcasts designed to accelerate learning. Selected as “Best of 2018” by Apple. Mission.org

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