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Pushing Content at the Speed of Scale with Contentful CMO, Bridget Perry

How marketers are using headless CMS platforms to optimize content across various channels

Photo by Jodie Cook on Unsplash

The term, ‘content is king,’ has never been more true than it is today. But while marketers are racing to simply come up with effective content at the speed that consumers expect, there is also a struggle to produce and scale that content across all of the various channels that exist today.

“It’s less about costs, and it’s more about speed and agility. Our world has changed with the pandemic,” Bridget Perry said. “We all realize that it’s accelerated that change. We all live in a digital-first world and businesses need to adapt to that. They actually have to have the teams inside the business with the right tools to be able to build those experiences really fast and change those experiences on the fly and do it across multiple markets and multiple languages. It’s complex.”

Perry knows a thing or two about helping marketers and creatives get access to the proper tools to get things done at the speed at which they require. Perry served as the CMO of Adobe when the company pivoted to a SaaS based platform, and she is now the CMO of Contentful, where she is helping marketers push out all the content they need to at the pace and scale they require. On a recent episode of Marketing Trends, Perry explains why headless content management systems are the future of content distribution systems, and she dives into the importance of creating a seamless customer experience that reaches your customers across all endpoints.

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