Raise A Glass To Alan Rickman & David Bowie. We Owe It To Them.


Two of my heroes died this week. I almost imagine that I should feel guilty, being as sad as I am. In the words of JK Rowling, we lost a great talent, but their loved ones lost a piece of their heart. Somehow I couldn't help the tears when I heard the news. At 27 I feel as though my life is only beginning, but so much of it has been shaped and touched by those two geniuses of the stage and screen.

Alan Rickman & David Bowie represented something more than artists and creatives. They were so full of magic, in the way they brought their characters and their art into our lives. They gave us a glimpse of how wonderful the world could be if — just for a moment — we’d let go of reality.

Looking back on their careers, it’s difficult to find a cohesive creative thread, a theme that ties their projects together. Yet the quality of their work suggests that there was no need for one. These weren’t humans who contrived their artistic and professional choices, in an effort to control our perception of who they were. They lived and loved, and chose their creative projects based on their passions.

Alan Rickman and David Bowie have left us all in debt. They created the audio visual backdrop to cultural change and united the generations shifted by it. They brought to life Severus Snape, Ziggy Stardust, Hans Gruber, and the Thin White Duke — but these were only characters they played. Throughout their 69 years, they gave us something more. They gave us their entire lives, in dedication to the art that made our lives just a little better.

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