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“High” people take the most risk:

No, not “high” like that. “High”, as in high elevation.

Researchers are now finding that high elevation can lead to more risk-seeking behavior.

Read this to find out how much more risk your financial advisor, doctor, or lawyer is taking, and why you should consider choosing a financial advisor on the first floor.


Build wealth by solving problems:

Solving people’s problems/annoyances/etc. is the quickest way to make a ton of money.

Think of all those infomercials that are raking in millions of dollars within a few weeks (if not days) simply by solving everything from major pains, all the way down to micro-annoyances.

Are your eggs sticking to your pan? Buy the “Gotham Pan”.

Do your elbows have aches and pains? Buy the “Copper Fit Sleeve”.

You get the idea…

If you’re looking for the next BIG IDEA, start by finding out people’s problems. Then, create a solution, and get it in front of them!

Use this tool to see exactly what people are desperately trying to find solutions to!


Be the most knowledgeable person in the room in less than 5 seconds:

With Google’s new tool, you can gather the knowledge of tens of thousands of the smartest people in the world… all within a mere split second.

Ever wish you could be fluent in whatever conversational topic is going on around you?

Well, now you can! 🤓

It’s time to start being seen as the “renaissance man” you really are by impressing your friends and family with all of your new found intelligence.

Click here.

Tech Trends

Why 6:51 p.m. (ET) today will be the beginning of our search for a new “home” planet:

Today, a new era of space-scanning will start with the help of futuristic technology, Elon Musk, and the moon! 🚀

Read about it here.

Marketing Trends

How to turn a free preview into 9,000 buyers within minutes:

Barstool Sports is leading the field and showing how even “small” internet companies can take their share of the massive PPV industry.

Let Barstool Sports show you how they’re bootstrapping their way to riches here.

Maybe you’ll be next…

The Best of What We Are Listening To

Are you going to the gym today? Do you want a new song to help you crush your workout?

Well, your wish is granted!

Seven Lions — Falling Away (feat. Lights) (MitiS Remix)

Here’s what a few of the commenters have to say about it:

“Melodic dubstep is everything!”

“This is heaven ❤ ”

We agree. 😍 🎧

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