Reading & Writing Month at The Mission

Dear Reader,

We’ve just wrapped up October, which was Education Reform month at The Mission. ICYMI, you can checkout some of the best stories on Education Reform we published here.

It’s November, which means the year is rapidly coming to a close. Thanksgiving, the Holidays, and Christmas are coming up… Also, it’s National Novel Writing Month for all of the writing nerds out there (like us! ;)). We’re obsessed with books and reading (just like so many of you) so… that’s a roundabout way of the calculus we used, that got us to…

Welcome to Reading & Writing month at The Mission!

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Thanks for reading! As always, let us know what you like, don’t like, or how we can be doing a better job to serve you. And happy reading & writing month from all of us at The Mission!


Chad Grills

Founder of The Mission