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Rebrand Revisited: A Year Later, Coldwell Banker Successfully Navigated A Daunting Rebrand in Unprecedented Times

David Marine, CMO of Coldwell Banker, revisits the company’s big rebrand from 2020

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

2020 will forever be remembered as the year of a once-in-a-century pandemic, but it should be recognized that it was the year we all got reacquainted with our homes. From streaming a late-night movie in the living room, to hopping on early-morning conference calls in our home offices (or closets or spare bedrooms), in 2020 our homes were asked to do it all. Almost a year ago David Marine, the CMO of Coldwell Banker, joined Marketing Trends to detail the company’s ambitious rebranding strategy and he’s back now to update us on how it all worked out.

“2020 was going to be the year of the rebrand, and what a great year it was going to be with all these plans,” Marine said. “And as you know, 2020 happened to all of us. So things had to change, but here we are a year later and I can honestly tell you with a straight face that 2020 was actually the perfect year for Coldwell Banker to rebrand.”

One of the reasons 2020 was perfect for Coldwell Banker was thanks to how the company attacked the digital and broadcast landscape when it came to reshaping its campaign. While most companies were slashing their advertising budgets, Coldwell Banker acted swiftly and deployed a hybrid strategy when it came to which channels they were active in.

“We see streaming as a necessary way to partner with a larger media plan,” Marine said. “We like to focus on marquee tent pole events to get that mass audience reach like a March Madness, where we know people are tuning in live because they want to see what’s going on. Then [we use] Hulu as an offset to fill in the gaps on the audience profiles that we’re missing, but we can complement them so we can get some extra recurrence of our messaging at a lower cost, in a more efficient way than you would see in broadcast.”

Things may have worked out for Coldwell Banker, but it wasn’t easy. Campaigns had to be altered, messaging and digital strategies were scrapped and shifted on a dime, and David was along for the ride every step of the way. On this episode of Marketing Trends, David tells us what it was like, he details the wins and losses of 2020 for Coldwell Banker, and he dives into how marketers can be agile in their digital efforts so that they, too, can rebrand or adjust when the time calls for it.

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