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Why GHSP is Reconstructing its Marketing Team to Reflect the Changing Product Landscape

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For years the automotive industry has served as a beacon of America’s thriving commerce industry. Now that once-thriving sector is facing a global chip shortage, which has caused automakers to slow production. With supply chains sputtering along,what does that mean for manufacturers such as GHSP — a company founded in 1924, with deep roots in providing automakers some of the key components used in everyday cars.

“It’s provided a really interesting and unique market right now where we’re not able to necessarily provide the product that our customers are looking for,” John Major, Director of Marketing at GHSP, said. “They’re not always able to, to continue their production. You have the consumer still wanting it. And so it’s been unique in the sense that we aren’t really looking for a lot of work. We’re just looking to fulfill the work that we already have in terms of certainly in our auto space and the markets and companies that we service.”

But this shortage has also given GHSP the opportunity to reassess its marketing department and expand its product footprint from just supplying automakers, to making products for other industries, such as home appliances.

“Something that we’ve done well here at GHSP is being able to identify problems, identify issues people are having, and then bring a solution to them,” Major said. “Bringing a solution to a problem or a new way of looking at something when you come to an event [or product launch], you’re bringing something unique that fixes people’s problems, that’s what starts resonating.”

On a recent episode of Marketing Trends, Major details how GHSP is reinvesting in itself by building up its marketing efforts. Major also provides examples of how the company is expanding its product offerings by jumping into the appliance sector, and details the marketing strategies they are using to build brand awareness and to target potential customers.

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