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Seeing and Hearing the Future, with Harrison Gross, Co-founder & CEO of Lucyd

The development of smart eyewear and how apps, blockchain, and a community of invested individuals can be the future of selling products

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What do eyeglasses, blockchain, and social media all have in common? If you answered nothing, then obviously you haven’t heard of Lucyd, a smart eyewear company that is bringing hardware and software together in pretty incredible ways.

“It’s really like headphones and glasses in one,” Harrison Gross, the co-founder and CEO of Lucyd said. “Since it does both well enough, you really don’t need regular glasses or regular headphones anymore once you adopt our product.”

But Lucyd is more than just a cool product. Gross explained that the mission is to build something that will bring together a community of people on a platform that incentivizes content and connection,

“What’s interesting about visual smart glasses, AR smart glasses is that it will be a platform where you both create and consume content in one wearable, which is really kind of a first,” Gross said. “We envisioned this robust system where you’d have content creators on one side and you’d have content consumers on the other side, and you’d have these blockchain systems in between them to help modulate the transfer of content, the exchange of content between them, as well as automatically scalable moderation of content. So, essentially as content gets highly rated on the platform you would have tokens released to the content creators, which they can then use to promote their content and form other functions of the system. However, over time, since we’re now focused on audio eyewear, which is much more suitable to today’s market, we’ve actually translated a lot of those concepts into our upcoming app called Vyrb, which will be actually a fully tokenized social app.”

According to Gross, the app is going to uplevel the experience of using the glasses even more.

“We’re using blockchain technology to create this network of social content on Vyrb that uses blockchain to help manage peer-to-peer payments for that content, and also to reward the content creators with an automated system,” he said. “It changed a little bit in terms of our view of how we intend to apply blockchain technology. It is now being distilled, instead of being on the glasses itself, it will be in a companion app that enhances the functionality of the glasses while also being usable without any wearable or without headphones.”

Getting to this place wasn’t easy, though, and along the way Lucyd has had to pivot more than once. Whether it was from creating an AR-style wearable to a more functional one, or how the company moved from selling mainly DTC to a 50/50 DTC, B2B split, there have been a lot of innovations along the way.

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