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Seven Ways to Supercharge Your Learning

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“Just as eating contrary to the inclination is injurious to the health, so study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.” -Leonardo da Vinci

Seven Steps to Superior Learning

Have you ever read through a book only to be left with only a vague recollection of what it was about? Have you ever spent months with a book on your shelf knowing that you should read it, but never got around to it? Have you ever caught your mind slipping while reading only to realize you haven’t absorbed any information in the past several pages?

In our busy daily lives it can be hard to find the time to properly learn the things we need to learn. Some of these things might be critical to our career or business. Some of them might be important in improving and sustaining our personal lives. Many people have just resorted to the excuse that they simply don’t have enough time to learn all these things.

But is it really a lack of time? A disproportionately high amount of Americans will never read another book after leaving high school. Most people end up spending a few hours each day watching television and celebrity magazines sell fast on the sides of supermarket checkout counters. Even reading cheesy romance or spy novels is popular over truly valuable learning.

I don’t think the real problem is a lack of time at all, but a lack of motivation. With the right motivation and inclination, everyone can devote a few minutes of their day to reading, practicing or studying something that can genuinely improve their lives. In the busiest time of my life I also read more book than I normally do. It is never about time but always about the right motivation.

Even if you have decided to invest in your own education, either as a full or part time student or even just in your own personal self-education, it can be difficult to truly get the most out of the material you are reading.

Perhaps there are courses you need to study to get a degree that you just can’t seem to focus on. Maybe you want to get better at a skill such as personal finance, owning your own business or getting in shape but your eyes drift off whenever you try to read the material. How can you improve your learning?

-Scott Young

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