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Sleep Your Way Around The World…

“Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door.” -Kyle Chandler

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Learn The Language Of… Depression?

There’s one thing unmistakable about Kurt Cobain (from the famed band Nirvana)…

He wrote some of the saddest lyrics you’ll ever hear.

For example:

“I have never felt so frail. I have never failed to feel. I have never felt to feel. I have never failed to fail.”

— From “You Know You’re Right”

It’s no coincidence that he was also heavily depressed.

But he was not alone in writing extremely depressing lyrics. Songwriters and authors from all time periods have written words and music based on their negative emotions and depression.

Now, scientists are finding there are actually ways to determine the likelihood of depression by certain keywords and styles within someone’s writing.

Learn more about it here.


How to fail like the best:

The highest earning entrepreneurs are no slouches when it comes to failing.

You heard me right!

As contrarian as it sounds, these moguls fail… and they usually fail a lot.

But, what separates them from the everyday Joe, is that they learn how to take their failures and turn them into massive successes and fortunes.

Take a peek at this infographic to see which billionaire was rejected from Harvard 10 times (he was also the only one rejected when he and 23 other people applied at a KFC restaurant).


Tiny microorganisms in your gut can make you smarter:

Are you looking for an easy way to “hack” your way to more intelligence?

Well, look no further than a recent study that showed how to easily get 31% more involvement from students in a science class.

The study shows one super-simple way to be more engaged in your learning. By actually being engaged in your learning, you’ll be able to take what you learn, apply it to your life, and accomplish whatever you set your mind to!

Learn the one, unbelievably simple way to be more engaged here.

Tech Trends

What kids know about high-growth tech startups:

I recently read a headline bashing “CryptoKitties” (those animated cats that live on the Ethereum network). It went like this:

“People are spending millions of dollars on fake money to buy fake cats.”

Woah… I can tell somebody is a little bitter about what people choose to do with their own money…

Anyways, I’m not here to be negative. Instead, I want to share a great article that defends “CryptoKitties” and other innocent, fun, and lovable “toys”.

“Toys”, as the author says, are great for producing startup ideas (ideas that can ultimately be the next tech breakthrough!)

Find out why the author says that eBay, Facebook, Amazon, and countless other now-monstrous companies all started out as “toys” by checking this out.

Marketing Trends

Sleep your way around the world… in the Airbus SE cargo hold:

Okay, before you read this and say, “Hey! What does this have to do with marketing?”, just hear me out for a second…

After many run-ins with bad publicity (I’ll just leave it as that), it is more important than ever for airlines to offer exceptional customer service. And that starts at the marketing stage.

So, Airbus is setting themselves apart from the rest of the industry by letting you take naps, in actual beds, in the cargo hold of some of their planes starting in 2020.

How are they turning the cargo hold into a place to sleep? It’s very similar to how IKEA designs all their furniture! Check it out here!

The Best Article We Are Reading

“The most promising technologies of today (and especially tomorrow) are those that live with us and adapt to our needs. Smartphones are one of the most compelling example of this. Every connection, daily need, and data point is now at our fingertips.

So — if we can evolve this far beyond the rotary dial phone of 50 years ago — why can’t buildings adapt to their users instead of the other way around?”

Check out the full article: What If We Designed a Building the Same Way as an iPhone?

The Story: When Opposites Attract

Episode 4, Season 2 of The Story Podcast

Adi was home at last. He sank down into the couch at his parents’ house. He was alive and still had his eyes and limbs.

The past few years he had fought in World War I, and it had taken everything he had just to survive.

He looked around his parents’ house; not much had changed. His parents were cobblers in Germany, and so was his brother, Rudi. Their family made and sold slippers. When Adi went to fight in the war, Rudi had stayed behind to work in their parents’ business.

They were a hard-working family, without much to show for it…

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