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Stop, Nobody Is Going To Be Your Mentor

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“Nobody has time to mentor you. Let’s just get that out of the way.”

Do The Grunt Work

“A busy professional doesn’t have time to mentor people, but what they do have time for is somebody who’s trying to break into that field saying ‘I’m trying to do grunt work for you.’ Find a project they’re working on that’s meaningful, and just do work with no expectation of return.”

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The Fact Is, We Actually Know Nothing After College

“When you exit college, the biggest lie you’ve been told is that you’re some sort of semi-professional. No! When you leave college you’re an amateur. If you did professional things in college, sure we can call you a professional. But if you took classes, went to school, and worked at Starbucks then your professional acumen resembles that of what you’ve done for the past four years.”

How To Actually Attract A Mentor

“So the best tactic you can take as a new college grad is to begin opening up connection points with these hiring managers and begin to solve small-scale problems for them. Whether you get paid a lot of money is kind of inconsequential.”

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Picking The Right Mentor

“If you want to go and work for a person, you want to go and work for a person that is ten times better than you. Because they’re going to raise you and help you become a better professional.”

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Surround Yourself With A-Players

“You’re going to have two groups of people. You’re going to have a circle of friends that are like ‘Hey, what you doing?’, and they only want to drink and hoot and holler about who the Ravens are playing this weekend.

Then there’s going to be a circle that you’re going to have to attach yourself professionally to that holds you accountable, they’re professionals that get results, they’re rockstars, they’re A-players.”

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