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“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.

-Chauncey Depew

You salty, Bro?

The Old Man and The Salt

Lao Tzu famously said that,

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

This is a story of an old man, salt, tyranny, and the single step that sparked his journey of becoming a leader that changed the world.

The wind blew and kicked up dust in the old man’s eyes.

Tears formed as he tried to blink out the dirt. His glasses had blocked most of it. He took them off and carefully wiped them. At sixty-one years old, his vision wasn’t what it used to be.

The young boy by his side was impatient.

“Sir… is this it?”

The old man nodded. “Yes. These are all the people that have joined us.”

The young boy rolled his eyes.

“But sir, there are only sixty, maybe seventy people here?”

“Yes! Isn’t it amazing?” Asked the old man. His growing smile revealed a toothless mouth.

The young boy couldn’t understand how the old man was always optimistic. The ragtag crowd in front of them were not an intimidating bunch, and neither was their old leader.

It was early morning, but it was already a sweltering ninety degrees. The young boy wiped the sweat from his brow and surveyed the situation. His eyes turned back to the old man.

They hadn’t even begun their journey yet, and the old man was already leaning on his walking stick. He was five foot five inches tall, and tipped the scales at hundred and nine pounds. He wasn’t intimidating, but he did always show up. And people listened when he spoke.

The old man bowed to the small crowd who had assembled to travel with him. He smiled, and said, “Now we walk!” He turned and began walking down the dusty road.

The journey in front of them was staggering. Walking slowly behind the old man, the boy couldn’t believe he was actually following him. He had never traveled to where they were going, and there would be serious consequences if he was caught…

-Chad Grills

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-Chris Danilo

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