The 10 Best Holiday Gifts Under $100

The holidays can be crazy stressful. Work is wrapping up at the end of the year. You have to plan travel and visits to all the people in your life without offending anyone. You have to go to holiday parties. You have to buy gifts for a bunch of situations and people, some of which you don’t know very well. And all while you probably don’t have an excess of spending money to afford it all.

It’s quite the conundrum, but hopefully we can help. We don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to show how much we care. Sometimes, an inexpensive gift can go a long way to connecting with someone else — as long as it’s perfectly personalized for them.

At The Mission, our criteria for judging gifts is harsh. The best gifts should add value and help the receiver become healthier, wealthier, and wiser. They should help us play more, and get more finished in less amount of time. In short, they should help make life easier and less stressful. In that spirit, we’ve collected 10 of the best gifts under $100. Let’s jump into it!

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1. The Ridge — Wallets, Phone Cases, and Backpacks that are built to last

Gear that lasts. It’s affordable and they also just rolled out their phone cases and backpacks. Get them here.

2. HeroNeo Loose Leaf Tea Infuser — Making Tea Fun

If you’re getting sick of drinking coffee all the time, then perhaps tea holds the answer for you. Gives you something warm to drink, satisfies the fixation to drink something, a bit healthier for you, and makes you feel good. But that means you need some new equipment. The right way to do it is not with those little tea packets, but by buying loose leaf tea that’s fresher and of a higher quality. So when you go to get a tea infuser, you can get a boring old standard steel ball, or you can add a little personality to your cup. We’re big fans of this 5 buck diver. Talk about a conversation piece at the office. Just make sure you’re drinking out of a clear cup to get the full effect.

3. Hans Solo Trapped In Carbonite Ice Cube Tray — Get laughs when you open the freezer

If you’re giving a gift to your most favorite NERD (Never Ending Radical Dude, anyone?), then you really have to step your game up to get him or her something fresh. Our friends over at Think Geek are life savers in this regard. If they’re sold out over there, check out Amazon; it’s less than $9.

4. Spotify Family Plan — Better music for everyone

Stress is a horribly crippling feeling. It affects your mind, your body, and your ability to go forth and do. Music can be medicine for your soul. And this $15 family plan lets an entire household stream whatever kind of music they love to relax, get lit, or de-stress. You probably didn’t even know Spotify offered a family plan and are wondering what the heck it entails. Sean from The Mission recommends it as a cheaper way to get your whole family jammin while everyone gets their own accounts and playlists.

5. Google Chromecast — Easily stream shows and lectures to the TV

How much can you get for the price of a t-shirt? How about giving the gift of no longer paying for an expensive cable TV subscription, cutting the cord, and going straight streamin, brah. The Google Chromecast fits the bill perfectly at $35. It plugs into the HDMI port in the back of your TV and the power outlet in your wall. After a short WiFi connection setup process, you’re off to the races for Netflix, HBO, YouTube, ESPN, and of course the Google Play store for new movies. Citing over 200,000 TV shows and movies and another 30 million songs, with Chromecast there’s always something on.

6. Contigo Travel Mug — A travel mug that actually works

What comes in every color imaginable, costs $12, and keeps you hydrated wherever you want to go? You guessed it. Contigo. Ok, maybe you didn’t guess that, but this is the point y’all. The Mission’s Lacey Peace uses this on the reg and recommends it, saying “I have a habit of spilling my drink and these mugs have been a clothing saver. They are leak proof and practically invincible.” Can’t bust ‘em.

7. Costco Membership — Buy in bulk

Need to buy a whole grip of gear, goods, and eats for a month’s worth of meals? Or perhaps you need a new diamond ring to go along with that Ultra HD TV. Maybe you just require a crate of toilet paper now that the kids have transformed into terrorizing teenagers. Whatever the need, Costco’s got your back. The Mission’s Zak Slayback weighs in with his recommendation: “A fantastic way to minimize mental overhead of shopping. You go once a week or every other week, buy everything you need in bulk, and don’t have to worry about grocery shopping anymore.”

8. Hint Water — Making it easier to drink less sugar

Hint is fun. It comes in an ergonomic plastic bottle. It’s got the fizzies. Some of them have caffeine. And they come in different flavors without the calories because they’re naturally flavored with fruit. Best of all, it’s cheeeaaaapp. We’re big fans of Hint over at The Mission, Stephanie especially. So if you’re looking for an upgrade from regular ole tap water, take the hint and get yourself some…you get the gist.

9. Four Sigmatic Coffee — Adding a superfood to your coffee

Ever tried mushroom coffee? I’m guessing your reaction right now is a bit of “well, ummm….are you serious?” Yes, we’re serious. Not as crazy as it sounds. You see, the team at Four Sigmatic have unlocked the secret to one of nature’s superfoods. It’s a natural source of energy, immunity, and longevity that’s been studied for centuries. And they very smartly packaged it into these coffee pods that work with your standard Keurig machine and, well, doesn’t taste like mushrooms. So you get all the benefits of coffee and mushrooms without the downsides. At 20 bucks, where do we sign up?

Finally, The Mission’s fearless mascot Toasty (he’s a dog) doesn’t yet have a Medium account, but he darn sure writes joy all over the inside of our brains on a daily basis, has a few of his own inexpensive gift recommendations. “Bark, dis is fow all dah humanz who can reads good”. Well said, Toasty. Well said.

10. Pop Your Pup T-Shirt — Having some fun with your pup

For the pet lover in us all, the process is really quite simple. Take a snapshot of the pup, upload the photo to the website and work with an illustrator / artist to make your own graphic. Then they print it on a t-shirt and send it your way. If you’re sly enough, you might be able to get a pic of the pup while the owner isn’t looking or just ask them for one of their favorite photos of their dog because you miss him or her. Guaranteed they’ll never see the t-shirt coming. But if tees aren’t your bag, baby, they also do wrapped canvas to hang on the wall. A bit of fun pop art for the home or office. In fact, I’m busting out my credit card right now to give this very gift to my other half.

There you have it, the best 10 gifts under $100! Please clap it up, and stay tuned to the rest of The Mission’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide.