The 10 bravest moments

1- Staying in your body when you feel rejected

2- Saying I love you first

3- Being patient with your mom when she is criticizing you (not pretend patient)

4- Saying no to someone in need (when you know you can’t #boundaries)

5- Changing your views on life whenever your views do change and owning it

6- Sticking around even when you feel no more love in you

7- Saying no to the next drink, hit, Instagram stalking session and going to bed

8- Having a baby (as banal as it is, I cannot think of a braver move) or choosing not to have children

9- Breaking off your wedding the day before (or after)

10- Telling your boss that he sucks and losing your job (being jobless too is a very brave move in our world today)

What do you think is the bravest moment?

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