The 7 Best Podcasts of December 2017

Plus a special bonus :D

Lately, we’ve been obsessed with all things podcasts. They are a great way to pass the time while working out, commuting, cleaning, or traveling.

These are our top picks from December!

1. Unregistered with Thaddeus Russell— A show about what you’re not supposed to say

I first listened to Thaddeus’s podcast this spring when I saw a friend recommend it on Facebook. After listening to the first episode, I wasn’t overly impressed, so I abandoned it.

Now, it’s beyond me how I could ever think such a thing.

I rediscovered the podcast a few months ago… and cannot stop listening. I listen to a lot of podcasts, but this one easily takes the cake.

Thad doesn’t talk to the average podcast guest — he talks to people ‘that make him think.’ In his 2 hour long interviews, he dissects the minds of yak farmers, prostitutes, comedians, porn stars, infamous writers, social critics, political activists… and pretty much anyone else society has outcasted or labeled as ‘abnormal’.

Do I agree with everything he says or everything that is discussed? Nope… but isn’t that kind of the point?

2. Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel — Enter the antechamber of couples’ most intimate moments

Living in Alaska during the winter means that I spend most of my time outdoors trying to regain my balance on the ice rink that we call our neighborhood. This makes running outside pretty dangerous. Unfortunately, I find running on the treadmill almost equally as miserable. To help overcome the monotony of running in place for an hour and a half, I’ve started to try out new podcasts.

Esther Perel’s Where Should We Begin? is a recent obsession of mine. Once you get over the fact that you are listening in on another couple’s therapy session, there’s actually a lot you can learn about relationships, effective communication, self-preservation, and why we do what we do.

It’s like Hallmark movie drama in real life… except a bit more sciencey and way less shallow.

3. Love Your Work with David Kadavy — How do you find your calling?

Spoiler alert: David Kadavy writes for The Mission. So yes, I stumbled upon David’s podcast whilst reviewing one of his articles.

Love Your Work attempts to ‘crack the code for fulfilling work.’

If you…

  • are not sure what you want to do
  • need a little inspiration to power through a project you’ve already started (aka me)
  • or don’t know how to derive meaning from your work

… then give this one a listen.

4. The James Altucher Show — A podcast that covers pretty much everything

You more than likely already know who James Altucher is, so you can probably imagine why his podcast made this list.

He’s been at this whole podcasting thing for awhile (in fact his 300th episode is almost here!), and truly hasn’t disappointed. He interviews some of the most fascinating — well-known and unknown — people out there.

If you are looking for a funny, inspiring, honest, and educational podcast, check out The James Altucher Show.

5. Pitchwerks with Scot MacTaggart — Dreaming of a new career or a startup? Get on it!

Pitchwerks is a local Pittsburgh podcast hosted by Scot MacTaggart. I discovered this one about a year ago while visiting Pittsburgh and I was immediately a fan. Scot is a crazy smart guy with over 20 years of marketing, sales, and advising experience. He invites guests on his show who are at the top of their respective fields to discuss marketing, entrepreneurship, and starting up.

My favorite part is that he is not just a passive host. He keeps it light-hearted, while also asking tough questions or sharing opposing views.

This is a podcast I recommend to any entrepreneur looking to start a business or upgrade their existing one. At approximately 30mins long, each episode is a quick, but valuable listen.

6. Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell — Journey through the overlooked and misunderstood

This is another podcast I picked up while fighting boredom on the treadmill. Malcolm Gladwell, author of bestseller Outliers, discusses the little-known histories that have created the world as we know it. Revisionist History addresses the people, things, ideas, and events that have been misrepresented, ignored, or completely forgotten.

‘Sometimes the past deserves a second chance’ and in this podcast, Malcolm grants it just that.

7. Strangers with Lea Thau — An empathy shot in your arm

We grow up with this idea that sharing deeply personal stories should only be reserved for those close to us, or shouldn’t be shared at all. What a lonely world it is to not be able to connect with the strangers around you. Lea Thau seeks to change this by sharing everyday people’s most emotional stories.

Give just one episode a listen, and you will undoubtedly start to look at people differently.

Bonus Suggestion:

Terence McKenna with Art Bell

No description required. The fact that it’s Terence McKenna should be enticing enough ;)

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