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Letter sent on Nov 9, 2017

The Best…, 11/09/2017

The Best Poems, Songs, Trailer and more!

He who fears he will suffer, already suffers because he fears. -Michel De Montaigne

“The Best…” is a new resource designed to provide you with THE BEST content out there. Each day we will pick a handful of cool, mind-opening things that we think are worth sharing with you. Our daily picks could be anything from the best books and podcasts, to the best movie trailers and wacky thoughts.

Have suggestions for what we should include? Let us know via social media, email us at info[at]themission.co, or leave a comment on this article. Enjoy!

…Poems We’re Reading

Rise of the Trust Fall by Mindy Nettifee


This is an interesting poem collection that I picked up a few months ago. Mindy is able to capture and express intimate emotion in an odd, yet insightful way.

“I was a shy girl once, too, and maybe you fern on the Buddha side of the waterfall. Maybe what glosses your hair back is the yawning cave inside of you, the one with the dripping water and focused even breathing and slow absorption of minerals from the flood and ebb of your emotions. In which case, take a seat in the center of the dance floor. Or walk back out of the velvet roped rooms you don’t have permission to be in. Close your eyes to the waiting scandal of the world and just shrink into the moment. Spend the cash of your smile as conservatively as you want.”

…Songs We’re Singing In The Shower

Spotify’s ‘Your Time Capsule’ Playlist


Spotify wins the music game again. We thought their daily mixes were amazing, but their personalized ‘Time Capsule’ playlist takes the cake. They released the playlist about a month ago and the reception has been amazing.

I’ve always had a diverse taste in music and this morning my playlist went from Johnny Cash to Wiz Khalifa to The Killers to Cro (a German rap group)…and I loved every second of it. Nothing beats the power of nostalgia. (In fact, here’s some of the science behind nostalgia, if you’re interested.)

Spotify has always created amazing playlists and it’s these kinds of playlists that are exposing more people to more types of music. According to Spotify’s David Erlandsson and Jomar Perez:

“Considering these graphs, plus the fact that we added 20 million subscribers in the past year, it’s clear more listeners are hearing more music on Spotify, and they’re streaming a wider variety of music. In other words, the pie is getting bigger and there are more slices going around.”

…Trailer We’re Watching

The Post, set to open in theaters December 22nd.

Steven Spielberg + Tom Hanks + Meryl Streep + A True Story About Gov. vs Media = A movie we won’t miss.

…Tech Trends

This is a new, daily report, designed to help you discover and capitalize on the tech trends that matter. Check it out:

Investing in ethics, India’s digital-first world, and Apple’s AR headset by Stephanie Postles

…Marketing Insights

Branded is a daily curated report of industry news designed to help executives in marketing and branding create ROI producing media, stories, and campaigns that deliver long term results. Give it a read:

AT&T vs DOJ, David Attenborough’s Storytelling Master Class, and how much Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Amazon spent on content by Ian Faison

…Daily Reading and Writing Tips

It’s Reading and Writing Month at The Mission! All month long we will provide you with some of our favorite tips, books, and lessons learned.

Reading Books Will Help You Build These 7 Habits by Chad Grills

Want to Write Like Kurt Vonnegut? Do More Pushups. by Jonathan Ely

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