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The Best Cyber Monday deals, sci-fi trilogy, and marketing essay…

The Best…, 11/27/2017

Actual footage of me hunting for Cyber Monday deals this morning.

“The Best…” is a daily resource designed to provide you with THE BEST content out there. Each day we will pick a handful of cool, mind-opening things that we think are worth sharing with you. Our daily picks could be anything from the best books and podcasts, to the best movie trailers and wacky thoughts.

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Today’s Giftsicle is brought to your by our friends at Biostrap. The movement to better quantify and take control of your health is just beginning. We’ve tried many different health and fitness trackers, and up until now, haven’t found any that we love. Biostrap has changed that, which is why we asked them to sponsor our list of 11 Best Technology Gifts. We only use products we love, from companies that we trust, and Biostrap fits the bill!

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Learn more about our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide and what we have in store for the rest of the holiday season. ❄️ ❄️

…Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday: 25 Must-Visit Websites, Stores, Deals, and Sales

Our goal this holiday season is to spread Christmas cheer by helping you find the best gifts at the best prices. Here are the 25 websites, stores, deals, and sales that you don’t want to miss this Cyber Monday!

…Classic Christmas Story

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens


To get ready for the Holidays, we’ll be publishing a Christmas Carol over the next two weeks. Check out part 1 of Charles Dickens’s masterpiece here.

…12 Best Gifts Under $150

The 12 Best Gifts Under $150

Finding the perfect gift at $150 or under can be tricky. Especially finding something that is thoughtful, clever, helpful, and that you’ll feel proud to gift.

We’ve searched the internet, asked our colleagues, and come back with 12 of the best Holiday gifts on the entire internet… all of which are under $150.

…Series we are reading

The Remembrance of Earth’s Past by Cixin Liu


For anybody interested in Sci-Fi, or a wildly imaginative trilogy, it doesn’t get much better than, The Remembrance of Earth’s Past by Cixin Liu.

…Essay we are revisiting


We’re also revisiting Kevin Kelly’s evergreen essay, 1000 true fans. Here is Kevin explaining it in a video interview, and here is Seth Godin’s take on it. In short, your creations or the creations of your company don’t have to reach millions for you to be successful. You just need to create a product, service, or experience that 1000 of the right people love.

…Christmas music we are listening to

Need something Christmasy playing in the background while you work? Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tales is available for free with Amazon Prime!

…Tech News

This is a new, daily report, designed to help you discover and capitalize on the tech trends that matter. Check it out:

Bezos Gets a Raise, AI Is Taking Over, and Experience Death Without Dying

…News That Matters

News that will upgrade your health, wealth, and wisdom. This is a new report that will provide you with the news out there that really matters.

A Cure for Cancer, Shrooms Aren’t All Bad, and the Ethics of Brain Implants

…Daily Reading and Writing Tips

It’s Reading and Writing Month at The Mission! All month long we will provide you with some of our favorite tips, books, and lessons learned.

The 13 Best Books to Give as Gifts this Holiday Season by Chad Grills

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