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The Greatest Sales Pitch I’ve Seen All Year

It’s Drift’s and it’s brilliant. Here’s why.

Drift CEO David Cancel

The 5 Elements of Drift’s Powerful Strategic Narrative

#1. Start with a big, undeniable change that creates stakes

Drift’s change in the world (1)
Drift’s change in the world (2)

#2. Name the enemy

The enemy: tools of the trade designed for a bygone era
Drift’s “no forms” icon

#3. Tease the “Promised Land”

Drift lays out the Promised Land

#4. Position capabilities as “magic” for slaying “monsters”

Slaying forms: Drift’s always-on chat box
A new monster

#5. Present your best evidence

Evidence: Drift got us to the Promised Land
The results of “dogfooding” Drift Email

Drift’s Story Works Because They Tell It Everywhere—and Commit to Making It Come True

The Rise of Story-Led Differentiation

Cancel’s Linkedin update

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