The Entrepreneur’s Trait: ADHD is Not A Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

How many people have “ADHD”?

“The Hunter vs. Farmer Hypothesis”

Not enough is said about The Hunter vs. Farmer Hypothesis. What it emphasizes is the fact that people with ADHD have lower amounts of the brain chemical dopamine and in turn proposes that this difference has happened for evolutionary reasons.

What is Dopamine?

  1. Agricultural worlds.
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The Hunters

Hartmann also wisely proposes changing peoples environments and how putting people that are lower on dopamine (“ADHD” hunters) in environments of higher stimulation where they’d be more prone to thrive could very well be the viable solution. Whether this is in law enforcement, entertainment, politics, fitness, or any form of “Entrepreneurship” where these people can be their very best. Perhaps Hartmann is very much on to something.

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The Farmers

The farmers on the other hand are happier doing jobs at a desk in their day to day. They like the office. The peace of silence. They are happy being an accountant, a stockbroker, or a teacher.

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Both Hunters and Farmers can be prone to drive each other crazy simply because of their brain wiring which directly correlates to thousands of years of human evolution.

My personal thoughts on this is Hartmann and Hallowell are firmly on to something here.

What About Medication?

So this brings me to the next major item. What if the various drugs that are prescribed for “ADHD” upon raising dopamine levels, merely are making hunters more like farmers. And, is this a good thing?

Is Medication A Problem?

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  1. Too many people are being mis-prescribed medication and mis-diagnosed with “ADHD”. If Adderall (and other drugs like it) is given to a “farmer” who has an even level of dopamine it’s going to enhance their focus (and in turn productivity) however it also is going to make them feel WIRED and more prone to side effects. There’s scientific proof that “Hunters” take drugs like Adderall and it actually calms them (an opposite effect!) simply because it’s bringing their dopamine level up to how it would be as a farmer.
  2. If “farmers” are prescribed medication and they do not have “ADHD” is it unreasonable to conclude that they could be even more prone to side effects (especially addiction) simply because the drug is serving more as a vice than one that really is there to help them thrive longterm.

What about changing people’s environment?

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  1. Be very careful about prescriptions. Only prescribe when needed. Perhaps some type of spectrum could be developed within “ADHD” to help doctors determine to what degree medication is needed if the patient does indeed have “ADHD”.
  2. Get pro-active about reforming education and environment for the modern-day Hunter Types (the entrepreneurs!) so that they have the same chance to thrive as the agricultural farmers have for the last few centuries.

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A network of business & tech podcasts designed to accelerate learning. Selected as “Best of 2018” by Apple.