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The Future of Advertising Isn’t As Complex As You Think…

The future of advertising/marketing is a bleak subject for many. Like many industries, it has changed drastically since the internet became “a thing”.

The days of Ad Men are slipping away. The days of the traditional, brick-and-mortar agency seem to be crumbling.

In advertising, there is a bitterness we hear all the time about the way it “used to be”.

Since I’m young I’m probably biased, but I think the future of advertising is both exciting and not as daunting as others make it.

Here’s why…

The future of advertising will not be the apocalyptic wasteland others think it will be, where computers replace all that we do as advertisers/marketers. It will have two primary players: let’s call them Curators & Creators.


The curators will be the software engineers. Curators will make sure the RIGHT people are seeing the RIGHT content based on their interests, consumer behavior, demographic, etc.

Curators will develop data-driven marketing platforms that will target prospects based on their interests and consumer behavior.

These platforms will become increasingly complex and accurate, especially with the advent of new technologies such as wearables — where your behavior will be tracked more precisely than ever before.

If you are a Curator, your role in advertising will be invaluable. There will always be room for improvement and innovation. Your job is safe.


Once prospects are targeted by the Curators, there must be content — whether personalized or generic — the prospects will see. That’s where the Creators come in.

Creators will be those who get their hands dirty making the content prospects will consume. These will be the artists, content marketers, filmmakers, freelancers, etc. involved in the process.

No matter what technology arises over the next 20 years and beyond, there will always be a need for compelling content.

The world of content will be “up for grabs” for Creators who get a head start on the competition in specific fields. So start building up your portfolio now if you’re a Creator!

Some new technology that will open the doors for content creators are:

Augmented Reality

Imagine walking past your local movie theater 15 years from now. By this time, augmented reality is commonplace and is also available in a cooler-looking headset than the “why-the-hell-would-I-ever-wear-this” style of Google Glass.

Yet another remake of Star Wars is about to open at the theater. As you walk past, you look up and through your AR headset, you see an epic lightsaber battle taking place in and on the stores around you. Jedi are hopping around, doing flips and jumps and more.

As the victor gives the final slash, he/she at you and says, “Don’t miss Star Wars this weekend. You’ll be sad if you do.”

You might have already seen this video covering the Magic Leap. But if you haven’t, then you’re lucky because you’ll get to see it for the first time:

…Now if that doesn’t get you pumped to be a content creator in upcoming years, I don’t know what will.

Virtual Reality

No need for an explanation. We all know VR is going to change the game for content and immersive experiences.

Here are some productions and companies leading the way in VR content creation:

Pearl — Google’s VR short film that you need to watch…now

Penrose — a studio leading the way in creating VR films and experiences

Autonomous Vehicles — with self-driving cars, we will have a ton of more leisure time on our trips, commutes, etc. Will this open the doors for an even larger Podcast proliferation? How about radio dramas? Or will TV’s replace radios in the standard vehicle?

Either way, you’re going to have advertisements. Thus, you’re going to need content.

Right now and moving into the future, effective communication is currency. Copywriting will be a skill set as in demand as computer programming (or close to, at least).

Creativity will be in greater demand than ever before.

If you are going to be involved in advertising/marketing, which will you choose? Will you be a Curator or a Creator?

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s an extremely exciting time to be living through.

Do you agree or disagree with the points laid out in this article? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Drop a comment down below!

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