How A.I. Is Humanizing Healthcare

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Apr 11 · 4 min read

“[Healthcare] has become a field day of enterprise at the expense of patients.” — Dr. Eric Topol

Food For Thought

The Future Of Healthcare

When you talk about adding A.I. and machine learning to healthcare, an image of a robot churning out statistics, spinning in circles, and beeping viciously often comes to mind…

Or maybe your imagination isn’t quite as eccentric as ours, and you think of something a little more reasonable: A humanoid-looking computer with the voice of Siri or Alexa giving you a diagnosis. 🤖

Better than the first image, but it still doesn’t sound like a very warm hospital interaction, does it?

The truth is that no one is going to want to hear their diagnosis from a computer. Or even want to work with a robot to develop a better fitness or diet plan.

Luckily for us, this is not how A.I. and machine learning will change healthcare.

It’s hard to imagine, but advancements in tech will actually make healthcare more human, not less.


According to Dr. Eric Topol, today’s Mission Daily guest, “A machine can be trained to see things that humans will never be able to see.”

The ability for machines and algorithms to take over menial tasks that doctors do — and perform those tasks with far better accuracy — will free up doctors to spend more time with their patients, rather than get bogged down with endless data entry and testing. Software can automatically record notes and input data to calculate the best course of action for a patient.

And this isn’t a far-flung, futuristic idea; this is something that is already happening in hospitals around the world. Over the coming decades, new tech, A.I., and machine learning will play even larger roles behind the scenes so that doctors can become more involved in the forefront.

A.I. and machine learning will make it so that doctors have the time to be more empathetic and treat each individual as an individual. These tools will allow us to develop the deep connections we all deserve to (and should) have with our healthcare providers. 🤗

Mission Daily

How A.I. Is Humanizing Healthcare

Can A.I. and machine learning make healthcare more humane, loving, and passionate?

Dr. Eric Topol thinks so.

Dr. Topol is a geneticist, medical researcher, and author of Deep Medicine. He has written more than 1,100 peer-reviewed articles and is one of the top most-cited medical researchers in the world.

In this episode, Chad sits down with Dr. Topol to talk about how tech is helping put the patient experience back at the forefront of healthcare. Dr. Topol also explains why we don’t actually own our personal medical data and what steps we need to take to get it back.

🎧 Listen to the Episode. 🎧

Deep Dive

The Real Reason Docs Burn Out

“What we hear from doctors repeatedly is, ‘I went into healthcare to help people, but I spend my day typing into a computer or on the phone doing prior authorizations and I feel like my time is being wasted on all of these things instead of focusing on taking care of my patients.’”

Read the article.


Do You Own Your Medical Data?

In today’s Mission Daily episode, Dr. Topol and Chad talk about how you don’t legally own your medical data. Here’s a look into why that’s so concerning…

This image is courtesy of Dr. Topol’s Twitter page. Check out more stats and facts here.

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