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The Future of MarTech and Being Data-Driven

Why the key to being data-driven includes a hefty mix of human interaction

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In the security realm, no one person or product can fight cybercrime alone. And for marketers, no one product or tool out of a martech stack can singlehandedly deliver the experience and support that customers require in today’s digital world. That’s why even for a company such as McAfee, which helps users fight-off some of the internet’s worst bad actors, there will always be a touch of human interaction in its marketing efforts.

“As much as we can use digital, we can be data-driven, we can use A.I. in some places, but there’s still a reality that there’s a human factor and the human factor is that customers are fluid,” Lynne Doherty said. “They don’t stand still, people move all the time. Our competitors move all the time. There’s still for us a human aspect. So that’s where we’re trying to put focus is how do you operationalize that human piece, so it’s not just about having access to data, buying access to data, and having a really good digital story. You need a human story still for us .We still need human beings engaging with human beings.”

Doherty is the EVP of Global Sales and Marketing at McAfee and on a recent episode of Marketing Trends, Lynne dives into what the future martech stack will look like, how McAfee is developing strategies to create a single source of truth when it comes to its data strategy, and the challenges of navigating a rebrand while simultaneously being an advocate for your customers and meeting business goals.

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