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The Gentle Art Of Negotiating And How To Do Exceptionally Well.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort in a scene from “The Wolf of Wall Street.” (AP Photo/Paramount Pictures, Mary Cybulski)

Never go first.

Always be respectful.

“Listening and rebutting their arguments with respect is how you master the gentle art of negotiating”

Image Credit: Jaume Tenes via Dreamstime


Walk away from the deal.

There will always be another deal, another opportunity.

Sleep on it.

Illustration Credit: Marie Guillard

Try a different angle.

Allow the other person silence to think.

Image Credit: MinuteHack

Don’t ever answer your own questions.

Create urgency through deadlines.

Bring in a third party that they can never talk too.


Finish the negotiation on a high.

“In a negotiation, people remember the person you are, not the deal you’re negotiating”

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