The Infinite Value of Things That Can’t be Measured

Srinivas Rao
Jun 27, 2015 · 2 min read

We live in a world that is driven by metrics and measurements. GPA’s, bank balances, Klout scores, twitter followers and click throughs determine the value of our lives. We’ve even gone so far as to quantify ourselves. And if we don’t measure up to some arbitrary standard, our job becomes one of accumulation.


  • More money
  • Higher grades
  • Nicer shoes
  • More fans and more followers
  • More muscle and better abs

Somehow we have come to see accumulation and value as one and the same. This race to accumulate, and raise metrics keeps us chasing what is perceived as a a race to the top, but in reality another false horizon.

A few days ago, I was speaking with Tina Seelig and she raised some interesting questions about the value of things that can’t be measured.

How do you measure the value of a hug or smile?

How do you measure the value of kindness and gratitude?

How do you measure love?

How do you measure the value of someone like Seth Godin showing up everyday, with what is likely more than 6000 blog posts?

How do you measure the value of ideas that ship and projects that have been instigated because of people like AJ Leon and the way he sees the world?

How do you measure the value of my local Barista who hands me my order for free because I’m a “regular who comes in all the time”?

How do you measure the value of the impact people like my friend John Nittolo have on our education system, someone who fights daily for a much needed change?

How do you measure the personal growth that someone experiences from a creative project that the work on for years on end?

Just because our contributions can’t be measured by any standard metric, it doesn’t mean they’re not worth making. There’s an infinite value to things that can’t be measured.

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