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Banking Innovation and Technology

An Interview with Frédéric Chanfrau

On today’s episode of IT Visionaries, we are joined by Frédéric Chanfrau, the CIO of Citizen’s Bank. With extensive CIO and executive experience at companies like Schneider and Ernst & Young, Fredric now heads IT and drives digital initiatives at Citizen’s Bank. His new charter is to innovate the core IT at Citizen’s and lead them through the massive fintech disruptions that the industry is currently experiencing.

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Innovation, Robotics, and Healthcare

An Interview with Alpna Doshi

Alpna Doshi is the CIO of Philips. Phillips is a major player in healthcare, with an audacious goal to improve the lives of 3.5 billion people by 2025. As CIO, Alpna has driven transformational initiatives like transitioning to cloud-based IT. She has a laser focus on aligning IT with business to drive groundbreaking innovations around things like mobile, internet of things, and Robotics.

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Blockchain, Bitcoin, and the Future of Information Sharing

An Interview with Amber Baldet

In this episode, Ian sits down with Amber Baldet, the CEO and co-founder of Clovyr, a start-up that helps new companies break into blockchain development. Before founding Clovyr, Amber led JP Morgan Chase’s blockchain department.

Together, they’re going to talk about blockchain, bitcoin and what Amber believes the future holds for information sharing technologies.

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AI, Cloud Computing, and Leadership

An Interview with Japjit Tulsi

On today’s episode of IT Visionaries, we are joined by Japjit Tulsi, the CTO of Carta. In his 20 year career, Japjit has led engineering teams at Google, Microsoft, and eBay. He’s helped build products like Google Analytics and, most recently, ShopBot, eBay’s AI tool which combines artificial intelligence and commerce to create a highly personalized shopping experience.

In this episode, we discuss the future of AI, Japjit’s favorite chatbots, how cloud computing is becoming a commodity, and what Carta is doing to change cap table management.

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Data, Customers, Privacy, and Agile Innovation

An Interview with Munish Kumar and Sandra Nudelman

On today’s episode, we are joined by not one, but two guests from JP Morgan Chase — Munish Kumar and Sandra Nudelman.

Munish is Vice President of Technology and Sandra is the Chief Data and Analytics Officer.

In this episode, Munish and Sandra share insights about the relationship between data, customers, privacy, legacy systems, and agile innovation. They also discuss the impacts of GDPR and CCPA, and share a few predictions for the future of technology and how it will impact businesses.

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Progressing IT through Business Partnership and Citizen Configuration

An Interview with Jo-Ann Olsovsky

Jo-Ann Olsovsky has been involved with technology since she first stepped out of school and into the working world.

At age 19, she worked at AT&T as a technician repairing network gear and modems. She progressed through the ranks becoming an engineer, project manager, and then a manager. After that, she became Director of Enterprise Network Services and Technology Support Services at GTE Verizon before moving to Telecom where she continued her track record of achievement. First as Assistant Vice President, then becoming VP and CIO, and finally SVP.

By this point in time, the energy of the Salesforce community was becoming contagious, so Jo-Ann left Telecom to become the Executive Vice President and CIO of Salesforce.

Jo-Ann joins us today to discuss aligning business strategy with IT strategy, empowering citizen developers, and how to select new technologies for your business.

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Miniaturizations and Wearables in Healthcare

An Interview with Nersi Nazari

Dr. Nersi Nazari is the CEO of Vital Connect. He is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in medical device technology and venture funding. Prior to VitalConnect, Nersi served as CEO of Teranetics which was later acquired by PLX Technology.

On this episode, Nersi joins us to discuss innovations in healthcare. We talk about the impact biosensors have on the patient experience and opportunities for other industries to pursue ‘miniaturization.’

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The Future of Computing

An Interview with Alex Wright-Gladstein

In this episode, we are joined by Alex Wright-Gladstein, CEO and co-founder of Ayar Labs. Ayar Labs has developed new electronic-photonic integrated circuits that move data using light instead of electricity.

Alex shares exciting insights around the future of computing with light, and how the technology she’s building at Ayar labs is revolutionizing data transfer.

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Hiring and Retaining Technical Talent

An Interview with Neil Kumar

Neil Kumar is the CTO at Karat. As one of the first 12 employees at Yelp, Neil grew the engineering team from himself as an individual contributor to over 200 engineers. In this episode, we discuss best practices for how both tech and non-tech companies can hire technical talent, including how to speed up the hiring process, eliminate bias, and improve the candidate experience.

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Creating a 360 Customer Experience

An Interview with Cindy Breshears

Cindy Breshears is the Chief Transformational Officer (CTO) at Bluewolf, an IBM Company. In this role, Cindy is responsible for providing digital transformation leadership for Bluewolf and IBM strategic accounts. She has been a CIO for multiple organizations over the last 16 years and recently sat down with us on IT Visionaries to discuss one trend in particular that is taking over the IT landscape: customer experience.

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Transformation Challenges Facing IT Leaders

An Interview with Alvina Antar

Alvina Antar is the CIO of Zuora and known as ‘The Subscription Economy CIO.’ She previously spent 17 years at Dell focused on Digital Transformation, Global Delivery, and Mergers and Acquisitions.

We had Alvina on IT Visionaries to discuss her road to becoming CIO, the challenges that CIOs face as they transition to this subscription economy, the changing role of IT, and how CIOs need to be visionary.

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How CIOs Can Use IT to Drive Business Outcomes

An Interview with Craig Walker

If a company hopes to last in today’s quick-paced, data-driven world, then the CIO and IT department must function at the forefront of innovation. On this episode of IT Visionaries, we have Craig Walker, VP and Global CIO of Shell, join us to discuss how established companies can encourage innovation, incorporate new tech, and utilize the massive amounts of data they are privy to.

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