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Your worst addiction, the next Eminem, plus insights from Obama’s former joke, I mean, speech writer

Nov 8, 2017 · 4 min read

The ego is only an illusion, but a very influential one. Letting the ego-illusion become your identity can prevent you from knowing your true self. Ego, the false idea of believing that you are what you have or what you do, is a backwards way of assessing and living life. -Wayne Dyer

This is Your EGO’s Worst Addiction and How You Can Escape It by Chad Grills

Because the deepest fear we all have is that we’re not enough. We’re not sexy enough, smart enough, rich enough, young enough, old enough, something enough, and we’re afraid that if we’re not enough, we won’t be loved… What I want to say to you though is, when that GROWTH happens, that growth will really happen if we give up our addiction to problems. Tony Robbins

40 Lessons from 40 Years of Apple Ads by Ian Faison

Steve Jobs was obsessed with poets, and he and Woz both drew inspiration from one of the best, Bob Dylan. Any great folklorist will tell you that Apple’s origins met the primary criteria for future exaltation. They were humble, poor, and hard working.

From those origins, Apple has grown to a global behemoth with over $269 billion dollars in the bank. One of the (many) things that helped Apple get to where it is today is a mastery of advertising. This article presents 40 of the best Apple ads over 40 years and draws 40 lessons from each. It spans 1977’s “Simplicity” all the way to “The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day.”

David Litt: Obama’s Former Speechwriter: How to Write Speeches for the People of America by James Altucher — Regardless of party affiliation, I’m sure you’re familiar with those killer jokes Obama used to tell. Meet David Litt. He actually wrote quite a few of them.

“This episode isn’t about politics. It’s about how words make history. And with every new word, you can make your own history, too.”

How Successful People Stay Calm by Dr. Travis Bradberry — Here are ten strategies you can use to keep a level head even in the most stressful of times.

Besides increasing your risk of heart disease, depression, and obesity, stress decreases your cognitive performance. Fortunately, though, unless a lion is chasing you, the bulk of your stress is subjective and under your control. Top performers have well-honed coping strategies that they employ under stressful circumstances. This lowers their stress levels regardless of what’s happening in their environment, ensuring that the stress they experience is intermittent and not prolonged.

Build your reputation, but don’t be afraid to destroy it and become notorious by Chad Grills

The great achievements in this world are reserved for those willing to look like a fool in the eyes of society.

Get Started With the Pre-Writing Rituals of These Seven Top-Notch Talents by Writing Routines — The hardest part of writing is starting. Staring at that daunting blank page while grasping for the right way to breath life into your story is painful. Here are seven ways you can get that creative faucet to flow.

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” -Louis L’Amour

7 Books That Will Change How You See The World by Mark Manson — Here are the most inspiring books Mark Manson has ever read. Check out the full article to learn more about each book and why he found them so mind-opening.

  1. Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert
  2. On The Genealogy of Morals by Friedrich Nietzsche
  3. Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder by Nassim Taleb
  4. The True Believer by Eric Hoffer
  5. Civilization and Its Discontents by Sigmund Freud
  6. The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology by Ray Kurzweil
  7. The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker

My month-long pursuit to become a freestyle rapper by Max Deutsch— It’s Reading and Writing Month at The Mission (in case you haven’t picked up on that already 😜) and we thought it would be semi-appropriate to highlight Max Deutsch’s most recent monthly challenge.

While freestyle rap may not be ‘reading’ or ‘writing’ in the traditional sense, it does take an insane way with words and extreme clarity of thought to complete effectively. Check it out!

On September 1, 2017, I asked myself the question: With only one month of practice, can I freestyle rap continuously for three minutes?

On September 29, 2017, after 11 hours of practice, I found out that the answer was yes.

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