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The Mission News: July 28, 2017

Happy Friday!

Life & Learning

Dust off that summer BBQ that you maaaaybe didn’t use over the 4th and get some top chef grilling recipes to round out your repertoire.

Health & Fitness

Your tattoos are blocking your body from sweating, meaning your workouts might be harmed by that sleeve of yours.

Athletes everywhere take a knee, drink water, not a sugary drink. Why?

Because researchers from University College London (UCL) just published a study that found the more sugar you consume, the more likely you are to get depressed or develop a mental disorder.

NFL mathematician John Urschel retires suddenly only a few days after CTE was found in 99% of deceased NFL players. Not a pretty picture for concussions.

Money & Investing

Jeff Bezos of your online shopping fantasies, is now the richest chap in the world, for a few hours anyways. Who knew smiley faced boxes could be such big business ;)

Is it possible for the world’s richest man to also create the most jobs? Amazon just announced 50,000 new open jobs. That’s on top of the more than 100,000 small businesses who use Amazon’s platform to make over $70,000 per year.

Stories & Entertainment

Katy Perry is hosting next month’s VMAs on MTV.

Also, Matt Damon is going to be in a Clooney movie called Suburbicon, here’s the trailer that just dropped:

HBO has a new documentary coming out about Steven Spielberg this fall. “Documentarian” Susan Lacey recorded 17 interviews with the famous director. She had this to say:

“Having a vision and sticking to it and not letting anybody get in the way of it is probably the best lesson you can learn from Steven Spielberg,” Lacy said. “The decision to make ‘Schindler’s List,’ a 3 ½-hour black-and-white movie about the Holocaust, that didn’t come out of any kind of focus group. That was a belief that it was something he needed to do.”

Spielberg premieres on October 7th.

Science & Makers

Lego’s new bricks are made out of code:

Gif courtesy of Lego

Hello new lego world!

Society & Culture

California farmers and businesses have grown roughly eight times more cannabis than the state has a demand for, and the state of California is making a move to try and ban exports. I hope someone explains to the state legislature that they have a $1.9B budget deficit. Maybe they should find a way to sell it out of state?

Meanwhile in vigilante news, “Cash Freeman” is an Oklahoma man who took justice into his own hands. He was at his house when a twelve year old girl ran to tell him that their neighbor was trying to drown his 3 month old twins. Cash shot and killed the man trying to kill his children, rescued the twins, and he will not be charged.

Air & Space

Geoengineering is a real term and this guy from Harvard made it happen. What starts on Earth with Climate Change might one day teach us about terraforming life support on other worlds.

Is looking for aliens good for society? Some would argue it is.

And a 747 sized asteroid barely missed colliding with earth yesterday, so we’d better get better at this whole survival in space game.

Politics & Collaboration

Trump announced a ban of future transgender military members, and yesterday, a transgender former Navy SEAL, Kristin Beck spoke out:

“Let’s meet face to face and you tell me I’m not worthy” Beck served on Seal Team six, and has been awarded a Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and a Meritorious Service Medal.

Luckily, the Pentagon said transgender individuals can remain in the military until clarifications are made.

Tech & Startups

A big welcome to Michael Sippey. Medium’s new head of product comes from Twitter and Talkshow app fame.

Uber’s board has been trying to recruit Meg Whitman for the CEO job, but she says she’s staying at HP.

In cybersecurity, it looks the tools hackers are making are riddled with vulnerabilities.

Foxconn is going to build factories in the midwest. Looks like more jobs for the middle.

AR music videos are here! TRIXI studios took on the infamous A-HA video, Take On Me from the ‘80s…

…And used iOS 11’s ARKit to create an AR version!

From TRIXI Studios

Have a great weekend! We’ll be gooone for a day or twoooooo. But we’ll be back on Monday :)

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