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The Most Engaging Avocados on the Internet

How Avocados From Mexico makes a mundane product engaging, exciting, and Super Bowl-worthy

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It’s not easy to keep a digital audience engaged. And it’s especially hard when the product you’re trying to engage them with is … produce. And yet, Avocados From Mexico has set a gold standard for what it means to build a funnel and engage an online audience and it has somehow found the secret recipe for success (and also guacamole).

Ivonne Kinser is the Head of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce for Avocados From Mexico, and she had countless tales to tell about how the company has used creative thinking and out-of-the-box ideas to take something that rarely gets marketing love — produce — and turned it into must-engage-with content. And one of the biggest wins actually came when she was given a bit of a trial by fire.

“I started in September and my first assignment was to build a Super Bowl digital campaign,” Kinser says. “And it was the first time we went to the Super Bowl with a TV spot. So I did what I thought was best not knowing or having any experience of what it even means to be a winning Super Bowl campaign. I just put a lot of love and passion into that and then I remembered that the very next day after the Super Bowl I had a call from one of my agencies and says, ‘Congratulations for the digital campaign… And I said, ‘Why? What for? What happened?’ They say, ‘It was number two after Procter & Gamble.’”

In the years since, Avocados From Mexico’s digital Super Bowl campaigns have consistently ranked one or two. But what does that mean? Well, it means that billions of impressions were created, which means more than most people think.

“We’re talking about billions of impressions in social media,” Kinser says. “And then you may think, ‘So what is even an impression? Who cares?’ But it is important because that huge conversation that happens on social media is just a reflection of users engaging and talking about it. And when we go and check the Google trends, the searches for Avocados From Mexico, the brand, the brand name, the search for the brand name the peaks overlap. When our conversation on social media is very, very high, you also see those peaks of Avocados From Mexico, the brand name search is very, very high at the same time. So this huge conversation that we create with campaigns like Super Bowl, Cinco de Mayo and Thanksgiving Macy’s Parade, it really impacts the interest for the brand.”

Big events aren’t the only area that Avocados From Mexico invests in. Kinser says that the company always has an eye on the future, and it is putting leaning into technology and other forces that she believes will power the industry moving forward. For example, Kinser says that Avocados From Mexico was one of the first brands to put marketing spend behind things like blockchain and NFTs.

“What makes it so challenging to be an early adopter or a trail blazer is that you’re bringing something that hasn’t been done before and that is really, really hard to explain and sell the idea within the organization,” Kinser says. “It’s like, we’re putting money towards these, we’re allocating budget toward these, and it’s something nobody has done before is that going to work? And honestly, the answer is, I don’t know. I mean, how can you know? You don’t know if it’s going to work but what we do is when we experiment with that kind of thing, we experiment chealyp as much as we can and we are really well prepared to pivot if we need it.”

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