The Most Highly Engaged Instagram Creators You Should Know About | Week of December 4th, 2017

The days of evaluating how “influential” Instagram accounts are based on the number of followers they have are slowly but surely coming to an end.

An Instagram account’s engagement (= average number of likes per post/total followers) is a much more effective metric to evaluate what percentage of the people who follow that account actually care about their content. The higher the engagement, the more influential an account is, in comparison to other accounts with similar follower numbers within a similar category.

But who are the most highly engaged Instagram accounts out there? Why are they so engaged? What do they do to get such high engagement?

Do you know the answer to these questions? I don’t, so that’s why every week I’ll research and show you five of the most inspiring/awesome/unique US-based early-stage Instagram accounts with the highest engagement out there.

Hopefully, by discovering more about the creators behind these accounts and what they do, we’ll learn a thing or two about how to improve on our own content and better understand how to evaluate influence in the ever-changing Instagram landscape.

So, without further a-do, here are five of the most highly engaged Instagram creators you should know about this week!


Engagement: 25%+

Followers: 10.3K

What’s their content about: Her photography, art and life as a 15 Youtuber living in FL!

Check out their work, it’s awesome:


Engagement: 15%+

Followers: 11.1K

What’s his content about: Makeup, fashion and life in San Francisco.


Engagement: 18%+

Followers: 112K

What’s her content about: Fashion, makeup and her lifestyle.


Engagement: 20%+

Followers: 7,312

What’s his content about: His music and life as a hip hop artist. Listen to some of his work:


Engagement: 23%+

Followers: 6,392

What’s his content about: Lifestyle and fashion.


What do you think about these content creators?

Do you have an Instagram with 15%+ engagement or know someone who does? Get in touch! I’d love to feature you and learn all about what you do.

Also, please reach out if you have any suggestions, questions, projects, insights or anything else related to influencer marketing or the focus of this article. I’m very interested in the topic and I want to meet other people who are too!

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