The Most Important Career Advice I Ever Got

Me: What’s the most amazing thing that’s happened since I last saw you.

Her: Three human beings came out of my vagina

Me: OK…And..?

I don’t think I even lost my virginity until after my two daughters were born.

The first time I had to change any diapers I couldn’t believe what was going on down there. You have to clean the shit out of all of these folds.

You miss one tiny speck of shit and…they still have shit down there. They get a rash. They cry.

I needed architectural blueprints to figure out everything. All my experiences before were useless compared to this.

It was a bit too much for me. I put on the diaper backwards. Things just fell out afterwards.

My wife had to pick everything up, change everything around, throw everything out.

Ex-wife… I mean.

Originally I was going to make this a post about habits I’ve developed.

You know, “habits to be the amazing, successful person that I am.”

But I realized I don’t really have that many good habits. And I’m not sure I’m worth emulating.

There is only one super important habit that stands above all the rest:

But first I’m going to leave you with this cliffhanger…..

The most important thing you can do is find someone good to spend your life with.

And if you can’t find one person, then only spend time with people you can learn from. A person who inspires you to be a better person.

Some people might be good, but just not good for you. So it’s a relative thing.

Whenever I follow this rule, my life gets exponentially better very quickly. Whenever I don’t follow it, I know one of two things will happen:

I will end up dead or I will end up in jail.

I have ended up trying to kill myself. And I have ended up being picked up by police. So I know this much to be true.

If I am not with one person but “looking” then I try to learn at least one thing from each person I am around. The one takeaway.

If you can’t get one takeaway then you wasted one night of your life.

Which is not really so horrible either. I don’t want to judge.

Even in the Bible: Adam would’ve have just lied around all day doing nothing. What a loser.

Instead Eve made him start reading books and stuff. Now he knew things. So he stopped sleeping all day.

I don’t mind sleeping all day. But I like to read good books as well.

Which brings me to the entire point of this post:

Here is my reading list for the podcasts I recorded this week. They were all fun books to read:

Forget business jargon. Forget habits. Forget 10x thinking. Forget goals and minimum viable businesses. Forget “goal-stacking.”

Forget: “jump-starting” and “e-myths” and “learn this.”

Dream of the right person to be with. Be with that person.

Much later: die happy.

Martin Luther King did not say, “I have a mission statement.”

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