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The Next Great Tech Transformation

The Mission Newsletter, 5/9/18

“Storytelling offers the opportunity to talk with your audience, not at them.” ―Laura Holloway

News That Matters


Fasting Wins Again:

A new study conducted by researchers at MIT has found that fasting can ‘dramatically’ boost stem cells’ ability to regenerate.

“This study provided evidence that fasting induces a metabolic switch in the intestinal stem cells, from utilizing carbohydrates to burning fat… Interestingly, switching these cells to fatty acid oxidation enhanced their function significantly. Pharmacological targeting of this pathway may provide a therapeutic opportunity to improve tissue homeostasis in age-associated pathologies.” — David Sabatini, Senior Author

Check out the study.


To Build a Moat, or To Not Build a Moat?

‘Building an economic moat’ is a concept popularized by Warren Buffet that encourages businesses to maintain a competitive advantage over rivals. Elon Musk recently dismissed the idea stating that:

“They’re nice in a sort of quaint, vestigial way. But if your only defense against invading armies is a moat, you will not last long. What matters is the pace of innovation. That is the fundamental determinant of competitiveness.”

Warren Buffet responded that there are still strong businesses — including his See’s Candies unit — with moats that even Musk wouldn’t want to take on.

Musk accepted the challenge…

Jokes aside, isn’t pace of innovation just a type of competitive advantage… and thus, a type of moat…? 🤨


Jeff Bezos spoke at the recent Forum on Leadership.

“I just went on a vacation to Norway, but I couldn’t wait to get back to work because it is so fun! And one of the reasons it is so fun is because I get to work in the future… I’ve constructed my job so that I don’t have to be pulled into the present; I can stay 2 or 3 fears in the future.”

Watch it here.

(Fun Fact: Jeff used to drive all the packages to the post office himself!)

Tech Trends

It’s time to modernize construction:

“While other industries have radically modernized their processes, construction remains one of the most stagnant major industries in the world, still using many of the same methods first deployed in the 19th century. As a result, productivity is falling, the construction workforce is shrinking, and demand for housing continually outpaces supply…

In short, when the entire building process is owned by a single team from end to end — bringing design, manufacturing, material sourcing, and construction together into one streamlined system — it is possible to build high-quality, beautiful buildings, faster and at a lower cost.”

Read: Construction: The next great tech transformation

Marketing Trends

Timing is everything:

CEO and co-founder of Zoom, Eric Yuan, was recently invited on the Legends and Losers podcast. While an overall amazing podcast episode, one of the parts we found most interesting is their discussion on Category Design.

Remember: “If you’re too early you’re going to spend too much time educating customers, if you’re too late you won’t stand out.”

Is it the right time for your business/product?

The Best of What We Are Reading

Were there people before us?

“If we weren’t the first industrial civilization on Earth, would we ever know? Fossils and objects are unlikely to survive more than a few million years. Searching for chemical traces of industrialization offers an intriguing alternative.”

Read the article.

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