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The One Thing That Separates Enlightened People From The Rest

He was happy and I could tell. He even hopped on Facebook in late July to tell everyone he’d be staying for another week.

Here’s Why You Clicked On This Article

  1. Because you’re not enlightened.
  2. Because you are enlightened, but you just wanted to make sure you weren’t missing something.

You were probably expecting to discover the secret of life in the next 700–800 words. In a way, you will. I promise.

What Is ‘Enlightenment?’

Enlightenment, in this case, is realizing how easy attaining our dreams actually are.

Here Are My Carefully Written Words

My friend Steve stayed in Bel Air, MD his entire life. Now, he did do two cross-country tours across the United States following Warped Tour when he was in a band, but he didn’t REALLY see much of anything.

After seeing the most beautiful mountains in Montana by myself, because damnit I really felt the need to go.

These Pictures Are Here To Drive My Point Home

Articles Aren’t Going To Change Your Life

I was DOING it. I was OUT THERE amongst the trees, rocks, bears, mountains, and even snow.

Let Me Offer Some Redemption For Articles

But it was because of my experiences, friends, that I became enlightened.



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