The One Thing That Separates Enlightened People From The Rest

“It changed my life, Tom.”

After 17 days in Israel, one of my best friends was on the brink of tears telling me about his unforgettable experiences in Jerusalem.

I didn’t need him to tell me, I saw it all on Snapchat.

I devoured every second, actually.

He was happy and I could tell. He even hopped on Facebook in late July to tell everyone he’d be staying for another week.

‘Attaboy Steve!’ I said to myself.

It reminded me of the time I stayed an extra week in Salt Lake City because I met a girl.

Wait, what did you click on this article for again?

Here’s Why You Clicked On This Article

  1. Because you’re not enlightened.
  2. Because you are enlightened, but you just wanted to make sure you weren’t missing something.

3. I don’t know, you were bored?

You were probably expecting to discover the secret of life in the next 700–800 words. In a way, you will. I promise.

The truth is, though, you’re not going to get truly enlightened from anything I write here.

Now, carefully written words might be the catalyst to you actually experiencing “enlightenment,” but I find you can only REALLY find it through actions.

What Is ‘Enlightenment?’

I better define enlightenment before I get a host of negative comments about using this word.

Enlightenment, in this case, is realizing how easy attaining our dreams actually are.

In laymans, it’s understanding that your wildest dreams are actually possible.

And if you honestly think your wildest dreams ARE possible, why haven’t you started the journey yet?

Most of us haven’t.

Here Are My Carefully Written Words

Now that I have you on your toes, here’s your introduction to the catalyst.
My friend Steve stayed in Bel Air, MD his entire life. Now, he did do two cross-country tours across the United States following Warped Tour when he was in a band, but he didn’t REALLY see much of anything.

When did I experience enlightenment, anyway?

I’ll tell you.

When I saw a perfect sunset in Sabino Canyon, Arizona after three straight weeks on the road.

After seeing the most beautiful mountains in Montana by myself, because damnit I really felt the need to go.

These Pictures Are Here To Drive My Point Home

As a content creator, I’m trying my best to make you feel some type of way. I want to connect with you.

But my words, while they may be correct, can’t take the place of seeing mountains, or hearing wolves howl at 3 AM in your tent, or feeling the air get cooler and cooler as you ascend a cliff in Arizona.

Articles Aren’t Going To Change Your Life

I felt my soul jump out of my chest in Tucscon, Arizona. I had a religious experience in Glacier National Park.

In both of those instances, words were not part of the equation.

I was DOING it. I was OUT THERE amongst the trees, rocks, bears, mountains, and even snow.

An article isn’t going to get you there, people. Only the experience can.

Let Me Offer Some Redemption For Articles

Words are powerful. I’ve always said that.

I love words. When we get down to it, words got me out the door to go on my road trip in the first place. You feel me?

I read Adventurous Kate’s blog every day. I wanted to be just like her. I wanted to see the world, and I figured I had to see my own country, first.

So I went.

Because of words, I went.

But it was because of my experiences, friends, that I became enlightened.

Enlightened people DO. That’s what separates them from everybody else.

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