The Perfect Technology, a Poem about Books

Photo, Unsplash

You began on a tablet
Where you now reappear

From stone to parchment
From parchment to paper
Covers made you safer

Bound in leather
To defend against the nether

Man sought to end you
Burn you, ban you, plan you

But the wise sought to save you
Bought you, trade you, gave you

Evil seeks your destruction
But for free society? 
You are its construction

You are a gateway to reason
And offer hope for the heathens

Modernity tried to downplay your importance
Placed you one tap from apps, and other abhorrence

Schools taught students to doubt you
But if they were free? 
Then they would tout you

Books are the perfect technology
They’re tried and true 
Their battery life always runs anew

Your purchase contains incentives and stakes
You’ve got to continue…
For all our sakes!

Your technology is robust and dear
Skin oil never makes you unclear

Like a baking stone 
You absorb use and stay clean
While insights and solutions we glean

If a catastrophe arrests humankind
Your survival ensures we don’t remain behind

If solar flare, EMP, asteroid, or war send us back
You have the power to keep us intact

Your worth is clear
But most choose not to hear

You offer freedom from slavery
And inspire courage and bravery

You dissolve ego and chains from the past
You show that some dogmas must not last

You give all humankind a shot
A chance to wake up to the scales
And create their lot

Most everything can be achieved through you
You are the perfect technology
Tried and true

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