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The Production Never Stops with Charles Eide, the Founder and CEO of EideCom, and the Founder and CEO of Second Stage

Why is it that when the whole world stopped due to the pandemic, certain companies were equipped to keep moving forward? Charles Eide, the Founder and CEO of EideCom, explains how being great at one thing empowered his company — and his customers — to quickly pivot in real-time.

Photo by Jakob Dalbjörn on Unsplash

In a moment of crisis, some people freeze up. Others spring into action because they’ve learned lessons along the way to help them see their way through tough situations. Even one moment or inch of daylight in the darkness can be enough to hold onto to provide hope. People and companies have risen from the ashes before, and if something amazing has happened once, then certainly that means something beautiful can be created again no matter the challenge, right?

EideCom is a live production and events company that connects people through online events. When live events were put on hold, Founder and CEO, Charles Eide created a second company, Second Stage, that connects people through online events. It was a key pivot to stay active and serve customers at the cutting edge of creating online and hybrid event experiences — they are very much guiding the future of the entertainment space. Rather than giving up on events, EideCom and Second Stage found a way to keep the spectacle alive.

“We leaned in and we said, hold on a minute, these people are scared right now, “ Eide said. “ They don’t need us to say, ‘We don’t know.’ They need us to lean in and say, ‘Let’s still figure this out.’ And so, where a lot of the competing companies out there were really, really hurt… we did all right. And it was because we leaned into our customers and we said, ‘how do we solve this problem for you right now?’”

For Eide, the passion for music started with a boombox and a microphone, and working for his Grandpa, who had a land development business, taught him about the importance of getting your hands dirty and some other business lessons, too.

”You can’t really build something of value if you don’t understand all the components of it and the pieces that every player has,” Eide said. “You can’t just walk into something and be like, ‘I’m going to be a huge success,’ you know? And, so years and years later here, I am working in the events business going, I literally have done almost every single position on every single show.”

Building EideCom, Eide continued his learning process, particularly as it relates to honing in on one key area in order to stand out.

“Being good at one thing is really hard to do because think of all the things you have to say no to and tune out to be so good at that thing,” Eide said. “And so today, the scale in which we do things is pretty mind-blowing to me. I mean, we’ve done things for the Pope. We’ve done things for some of the biggest brands that I’ve been a fan of since I was a kid, and here we are being entrusted with their brand and their message to bring all these people together. And I attribute that to focusing on being great at that one thing, and that is live production.”

In 20202, when live production was put on pause, Eidcom needed to pivot. But switching from in-person to virtual was only one piece of the puzzle for EideCom. Regardless of how guests attend, you still need to create an event that’s memorable. So what is it that helps make a virtual event pop?

“One, if you want a virtual event to be really, really successful, you have to get specific about your programming timeline.” Eide said.“You have to get more specific on the quality of the content. This is something that I think organizers realized. Like, ‘Oh my gosh, think of how much of people’s time we’re wasting on worthless crap that they’re forced to sit through and listen to because they’re in person.’ Now, they don’t have to get up from their table and go out to their car and leave. They just click a button and it’s gone. So,we have to go, ‘Okay, well, what are the things that keep people there?’ The programming has to be tight.”

But it is also about creating a stage environment and ensuring that it is a spectacle whether it is a live, hybrid, or virtual event.

For EideCom, and Second Stage, it’s about making sure customers can sleep at night. Also, they believe that people need to communally experience spectacle to feel the vibrancy of life.

To find out how EideCom and Second Stage continue providing exciting events and for the story about Justin Bieber and the Pope, tune into Business X factors.

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