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The Secret Sauce To Do The Impossible

Blame no one

Take responsibility

Think about your thinking

Happiness is the way

Find your purpose

Model your behavior

Strengthen your mind

Strengthen your body

  1. Get plenty of rest. Seven to eight hours of sleep per night is ideal.
  2. Eat a balanced diet. Too much of anything can be dangerous. Fad diets are all the range: High carb, low carb, organic, raw, unprocessed. Unless you have a medical issue, the best advice you can take is eat a balanced diet. Focus on how much you eat, not what or when you eat. Evidence shows most of these diets aren’t based on scientific fact. They can even be dangerous.
  3. Be consistent. Systemize your habits and routine. Once you do, small actions will build over time making willpower irrelevant.
  4. Don’t confuse your body. When it comes to your muscles, boring is better. Evidence shows you plateau faster with a muscle confusion workout than one that builds over time. Some activity is an improvement over inactivity. But progressive overload is a far superior way to increase strength and endurance. Why do you think professional athletes don’t use muscle confusion routines?
  5. Track key indicators. Keep track of calories, weight, reps, or whatever metric is most effective for you. Tracking keeps you aware and changes your behavior. Feel free to “gamify” your progress, but compare yourself today to yourself yesterday, not other people. Your progress is the only one that matters.
  6. Something is better than nothing. When you slip up, keep going. If you’ve broken all your rules, don’t keep that from stopping you from doing one small positive thing. Reflect on your progress. Little things add up over time. No one’s perfect.

Create your plan

Find the staircase

Leverage your time

Dive deep

Look past the finish line

Call To Action

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