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Letter sent on Oct 6, 2017

There’s Not Enough Time

And there never will be. — Your #1 Newsletter for Accelerated Learning

“There just isn’t enough time for everything on our ‘to do’ list — and there never will be. Successful people don’t try to do everything. They learn to focus on the most important tasks and make sure they get done.”
— Brian Tracy

The Soul of Time

TIME’S a circumference

Whereof the segment of our station seems

A long straight line from nothing into naught.

Therefore we say “ progress, “ “ infinity “ —

Dull words whose object

Hangs in the air of error and delights

Our boyish minds ahunt for butterflies.

For aspiration studies not the sky

But looks for stars; the victories of faith

Are soldiered none the less with certainties…

-Trumbull Stickney

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Check this one out…

Another Example of Less Teaching Leading to More Learning — “Wouldn’t it be great if education authorities would take a look back at some of these old research studies and try repeating them today? Today education authorities seem to think the only solution to educational deficiency is more teaching — more of the same of what already isn’t working. But research such as Benezet’s and Williams’s suggests that the solution might lie in less teaching and more trust.”

Fresh Finds for Friday…

Why I Locked Myself in the Woods for 2 Days with No Internet and No Cell Service — “Deep work time only comes from periods where you can turn off and plug into what I have heard called ‘the genius zone.’ This is where, when an interesting idea comes up in your mind, you can follow it to an explicable form which you can then apply, write about, or investigate further.”

Where this is all headed — It’s easy to feel like time is escaping you — that you will never be able to complete everything you’ve ever wanted. The future of tech suggests something different. While you may not be here to complete what it is you wish, your avatar may very well be. Here’s how technology will make you live forever.

When you get stuck, do this to get unstuck

“Play triggers a different mindset. When we play, we’re allowed to experiment, fail, break the rules, connect seemingly disparate concepts, defy expectations, and yes, insert lyrics from The Who into a book about military coups.
This isn’t simply an escape from work. It’s a better way of working. When you fool your brain into thinking that you’re playing rather than working, your job becomes your playground. Your outcome-focused mind begins to pivot to the present, and you begin to derive intrinsic motivation from the process.”

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