This is the One Magic Formula You Need to Win Customers (and Keep Them)

There’s an incredibly simple way to make people happy.

People often ask me how we made the business of junk removal so…magical. It certainly didn’t start out that way, when I was a one-man show with a $700 truck. But over the years, we used a simple formula to transform a modest startup into what is now 1–800-GOT-JUNK?. Then we used it again to create three more brands to round out our family of home service companies that collectively earn over $250 million each year.

And I’m about to tell you our biggest secret.

There’s no smoke and mirrors, or wizard behind the curtain. We don’t throw pixie dust on everything we do (okay, maybe a little). The magic of O2E Brands is actually so simple that anyone in any industry can do it.

All we do is take large, competitive industries with poor customer service, and we professionalize the customer experience. We’ve applied this formula to junk removal, painting, moving, and house detailing — so we know it is literally one-size-fits-all. It’s a foolproof plan that works because:

  • A competitive industry means demand is high
  • A commoditized industry often means no single company has set itself apart
  • An industry known for bad service means customers are hungry for a better experience

So if it’s really that easy, why isn’t everyone doing it? Because unfortunately, many entrepreneurs see customer service as a means to an end — and not as the end itself. Maybe they’ll provide an exceptional product, but service is only as important as hitting revenue goals. But we believe customers deserve to be wowed by both product and service, and that’s what makes us unique.

That’s not to say we’re the only company out there who have made exceptional service a core differentiator; we’re just the first ones to do it in the home service space. Businesses in other industries are also leading the charge: Zappos vows to “deliver WOW through service”; Amazon’s mission is to be “Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company”; and Uber’s standard for quality service is a 4.7 out of 5 star rating (or else drivers risk having their accounts deactivated).

Our promises to our customers aren’t as grandiose — but our simplicity has always been the key to our success. By simply delivering on our Quality Focus Areas (on-time service; upfront pricing; clean, shiny trucks; and friendly, uniformed drivers), we reduce pain-points for our customers and built trust with them as a result.

They say a magician should never reveals his tricks, but we believe so strongly in ‘customer first’ that we want everyone to know how we do it. It’s about treating customers the way you want to be treated, and being authentic and reliable with the service you provide. We keep it simple — and that’s perhaps our best kept secret.