This Is Why I Love Medium (And Why You Should, Too)

I’ve loved Medium for a long time.
Whether it’s on the Huffington Post, my email list, or right here on Medium, I’ve ALWAYS sung this platform’s praises for a lot of reasons..

But just recently I realized something about this platform that I hadn’t previously.

Before I get into that, let me list some of the major benefits to posting here:

  • Your audience is already here. No more marketing on social media, reddit, and FB Groups (that’ll likely ban you) to get eyeballs.
  • You can publish posts here that load up lightning fast.
  • You can write posts here that look incredibly clean.
  • You can follow, get followed by, and engage with some awesome writers.
The theme of this post largely revolves around that last point..

I’ve always known there’s awesome people here, but what I didn’t realize is one little thing..

A lot of “bloggers” have no soul.

There’s soul here on Medium.

Allow me to explain.

A Lot Of Bloggers Aren’t Writers

Writers write because they need to. They must. They see the world a certain way and need to express what they are seeing as accurately as possible.

For some reason, many writers can’t speak that well. Hell, I sound like a fifth grader talking to people sometimes.

So we turn to the keyboard to express the rhythms of our life.

And we do it well — without interruption and without judgement (at first, before we get a solid following).

Writing to us is therefore necessary.

A Lot Of Bloggers Are Business People

Then you have another set of bloggers. These bloggers are in it for the money (which is honestly just fine).

They don’t really need to express the rhythms of their heart in writing. They just see writing as a way to make money.

So they exploit it.

They figure out how to build followings and write stories that’ll maximize earnings, not maximize meaning.

This is just fine — believe me — but getting affiliate products pushed on me in EVERY POST gets a little old after a while.

Speaking of that..

Why You Should Spend All Your Time Here

Ev Williams created Medium for stories.

Ever noticed how posts are called stories on Medium? Every time you go to write a new post, you actually have to click a link that says “new story.”

That’s a small, yet powerful distinction that’s there for a reason.

The other day I read a post on some Wordpress blog about 6 ways to maximize productivity. I was excited about it because my productivity quite honestly needs some improvement.

The blogger proceeded to then not give a damn about providing actual productivity tips.

She talked about subscriptions to Amazon Prime, and why we should listen to audiobooks. Then she provided a link to try out both Amazon Prime and Audible.

They were both obviously affiliate links.

In fact, the entire article was one big cluster cuss of affiliate products for us to try that had little to nothing to do with productivity.

I mean, sure, it makes sense that Amazon Prime would save us a trip to Best Buy every now and then, but I didn’t click on the article for that.

Obviously I wanted to learn about actual productivity tips to use while working at my desk every day.

These bloggers are so sly, let me tell you.

You wouldn’t in a MILLION YEARS see anything like that do well on Medium.

Sure, once in a blue moon someone does log onto Medium for the first time, then proceeds to import their Wordpress posts with 500 affiliate links.

Then they do that for 2 weeks before quitting.

It’s the platform’s fault. There’s no opportunity on Medium.

Buddy, as someone with 18,000 followers, there is P-L-E-N-T-Y of opportunity here — you’re just not posting content that’s meaningful.

Everyone On Medium Is Genuinely Genuine

I’ve been organizing a virtual summit over the last six months. Those speakers featured from Medium have, on multiple occasions, told me they’ll do anything to help me promote the summit.

That’s awesome, because I’ve been working on it for a long time and have a lot of great speakers coming on (including NY Times Best-Selling Authors).

But everybody else?

I’ve heard next to nothing. I won’t elaborate on that more, and they don’t NEED to help me promote at all, but I found that to be a little striking.

Last week a bunch of people on my email list helped me put a LinkedIn post past 10,000 views by liking and commenting on it in droves.

It was awesome.

Most of those on my list are from Medium.

And there’s a steady band of 10–20 people that comment on literally all my posts. I feel so freaking blessed sometimes.

You Should Write Here Because

The point of this article is that I haven’t really found REAL people outside of Medium.

I thrive in this place because I like legitimate connection. Even though I have a follower count that could pack Camden Yards to half capacity, I still feel incredibly small.

I do not feel like someone with 70,000 eyeballs on me every month. And I think that’s because Medium is designed to feel like a different place.

I feel like I’m sitting around a circle with great, great minds and one-by-one we’re just taking turns talking about our lives.

And we all encourage, sometimes debate, but mostly love.

There is no place like this on the internet. No blog can rival this place.

Voices are equal here. I’ve seen people with 100 followers write a post that got thousands of fans.
I guess the real reason I like Medium is because genuine people can actually get a shot here. We celebrate stories of real tenacity, struggle, triumph, and learning on Medium.

Millions of users rise up every month to support one another, console one another, and provide feedback to one another to make us better.

Thousands of stories written by colorful voices are disseminated every day to the masses here.

After you get done one phenomenal story, Medium already has ideas for more stories that’ll inspire you. Gosh, I love this place.

I feel like I belong. I feel like my thoughts matter, and that’s honestly a gift that’s priceless and could end a lot of heartache and grief in the world.

Thank you, Ev, for creating this, and giving this 24-year-old boy a platform to spread his ideas — good and bad — so that I can be better for it.

Want to get started writing online? I actually have a free 5-day email course called “Your First 1,000 Medium Followers” that will teach you how to build an audience here on Medium! Sign up for it right here. I’d love to teach you a couple things.
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