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This Is Why The Power Of Love Will Heal Your Life

Love Renews And Restores

The power of love is such that it surrenders itself so its presence is known. I am reminded of the quote by author Leo Buscaglia: “Love and self are one and the discovery of either is the realisation of both.”

The realisation he speaks of is that at the core of your being you are pure unbounded love. Any thoughts you hold to the contrary distort this truth. You go to the source of your pain to heal any thoughts of separation and it is there that you discover the Authentic Self.

When you let go of resistance, what is discovered is pure love. To heal your life, reconnect to that source. Healing signifies a return to wholeness.

Through distorted beliefs, the mind reinforces an image disrupting the mind and body’s natural homoeostasis.

It was the American philosopher and psychotherapist Eugene T. Gendlin who coined the term felt sense. He was referring to an internal bodily awareness or body-sense of meaning that develops when we align with the truth.

If you perpetuate fear, your body responds by adopting the physiology of this fearful state. However, love heals and brings the body back into balance when you associate with this all-powerful energy.

It was the late David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., a renowned psychiatrist and consciousness researcher who said: “If we are willing to let go of our illness, then we have to be willing to let go of the attitude that brought about the illness because disease is an expression of one’s attitude and habitual way of looking at things.”

When you disconnect from your authentic nature, you detach from your state of ease and the body becomes dis-eased.

Dis-ease signifies disharmony in one’s thoughts. Love renews and restores inner harmony because every cell in your body is attuned to this natural healing state.

I liken it to returning home after being away to find your key still fits the same door lock. Healing arises the moment you align your mental and emotional frequency to coincide with love.

The Heart Is The Seat Of The Soul

Love is a healing agent because its energetic frequency is stronger than other emotions and is the foundation of universal order.

“Your body is your subconscious mind and you can’t heal it by talk alone,” affirmed the late neuroscientist and pharmacologist Candace Pert.

As an example of the healing power of love, the Institute of HeartMath states that your heart has an electromagnetic field 50,000 times stronger than the brain’s.

Ancient wisdom has known for centuries the heart is the seat of the soul. To heal means to reconnect with your soul within the embodiment of love. So at the deepest level, healing is a return to the source of your being. You disconnect from this wisdom by identifying with fear and anxiety. This creates an inaccurate mental image expressed in the body as illness and disease.

In his book Healing and Recovery, Dr. David Hawkins affirms: “A loving thought then heals and a negative thought creates illness. Choosing to become a loving person results in the release of endorphins by the brain which has a profound effect on the body’s health and happiness.”

I consider the cause of illness and disease a spiritual abandonment from oneself. The body is crying out to reunite with its core self. We internalise fear in all forms nowadays to the detriment of our physiology. Over time, your body learns the language of fear by inhibiting vital biological processes.

Love Is A Healing Agent

You must love yourself and embrace the wholeness of your being if you seek to heal your life.

Consider this: how can you possibly heal when your body receives negative messages on how it looks or cannot act?

To heal means to renew and by renewing you strengthen your connection to your Authentic Self. Love means accepting your current circumstances without opposition.

Your opposition to what is manifests as fear. Thus, turn your attention away from fear and embrace your core nature.

At the deepest level, your separation from your Authentic Self intensifies dis-ease in mind and body. To merge with the wholeness of your being is a call to love, as Marianne Williamson states. Self-criticism and self-hate instruct the body to turn on itself.

The power of love to heal your life is distilled in the following ideas:

1. Love is a healing agent and has the power to renew.

2. Fear, anxiety, anger, and other lower emotions overshadow this healing force.

3. You are not broken or flawed. It is only your perception which creates this illusion.

4. Embrace your wholeness and perfection.

5. Transform your thoughts relating to your unworthiness and imperfections.

6. As you heal your thoughts, your body discovers its inherent healing power.

7. Meditate on aspects of love in your daily life.

8. In essence, love is simply the absence of fear. For what is eternal is love’s enduring power.

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