Time Restricted Feeding: Your Solution to Longevity and Shredding Fat

Adam Arbour
May 15, 2017 · 7 min read

What is Time Restricted Feeding?

Time restricted feeding is not a way of telling you WHAT to eat, but a system of telling yourself WHEN to eat. Some people have referred to this as intermittent fasting, but the researchers who coined TRF thought feeding would seem more inviting than the scary fasting word.


What Are the Benefits?

1. Easier Implementation

Once we get over the idea that we need to eat every three hours, adapting to this schedule of eating overshadows any other diet or routine. This is a behavior based adjustment, not a complete overhaul of your eating or physical activity habits. Just do what you normally do and shorten the window.

2. Decrease Body Fat

In it’s simplest description, TRF keeps the bad weight off and keeps the good weight on. While using an eating schedule, it is much easier to decrease body fat and maintain or increase lean muscle mass.

3. Reduces Chance of Cancer and Metabolic Disease

Occasional caloric restriction and fasting have been key weapons in the fight against cancer and metabolic disease. There hasn’t been tons of research on these issues, but the future looks bright.

4. Increases Lifespan

We can mention again, caloric restriction has been shown to increase the years of your life. When you are in a fasted state, your body looks for ways to keep you alive.

5. Increases money in your wallet and time in your day

When I first implemented TRF into my lifestyle, I found so much more time and dollars lying around. You are essentially wiping out one meal from your old schedule. Gone were the Cheerios in the morning or the late night pizza. Want to be creative? Need more hours? Implement a time restricted feeding schedule and watch yourself come alive.

Popular Eating Schedules

16:8 This is quite possibly the most popular eating schedule in the intermittent fasting world. It allows for an 8 hour eating window usually starting with a late lunch and dinner. Skipping breakfast is easier for most because lunch and dinners seem to be the most social times for meeting up and eating together.

You Are an Experiment of 1, See What Works for You

The biggest takeaway anyone can glean from this post, I hope, is that you are your own experiment. Don’t let society, your family, or anyone else tell you what is right FOR YOU. Time Restricted Feeding has more and more research showing the positive effects, but it might not be right for you. Maybe you think you can get into 14:10 or 16:8 eating windows, GREAT! Maybe you want to try a 24 hour fast, that’s awesome. Lean into the edges of your comfort zone and see what happens. Many people are reaping the benefits of TRF, and you could be the next.


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